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  1. If God is the same alien, then there is no God, but there are aliens – after all, God (the one with a big B) in religions is defined by something much more than just an alien.

  2. In the current state of affairs, the presence of God is extremely doubtful, but in the future there is a very long probability of his appearance – the same Boltzmann brain, which I mentioned for the third time in JQ, is a planetary-scale mind, within the framework of the planet almighty, perfectly illustrated in Guardians of the Galaxy-2.

  3. GOD is just the shape and boundary of Our universe. With the help of planets, the universe controls the solar system and Earth's life. And the indicator of this control is a person and his word. And there is no one else in the universe or on the planets.

  4. Can. But-above it, then there are also forces in our universe. Then he wouldn't be all-powerful.

    A “relative god”. Temporary. Until a more advanced one was found in this universe.

    God must be transcendental. Only then is he both creator and omnipotent in interfering with our universe.

    Transcendent means that it acts from the outside, materializing only occasionally.

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