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  1. Smart means smart.

    “Smart” can mean such qualities or a combination of such qualities as developed logic and causal relationships, as well as education, broad horizons, the ability to learn from mistakes, the ability to put yourself in the place of another, the ability to question your own and others ' actions, critical thinking, speed or depth of thinking.

    Smart DOESN'T mean: hardworking, pushy, arrogant, confident, motivated, bold, communicative, organized, eccentric.

    These qualities are often characteristic of people who know how to earn money, because they are necessary for success and rapid advancement on the career ladder and all that. But, these qualities are often mistakenly called the short word “smart”. Either because no other “generalizing” word was invented, or because the word “smart” has the most positive and vivid color. Well, and because on a subconscious or everyday level, it is often considered that smart=rich. In fact, many of the qualities required by “successful” even contradict the qualities implied by the word smart. This is especially noticeable in Russian business, for example.))1)1)1))

  2. Being smart does not mean being wise and having the ability to manage your knowledge in life.
    Really, take a look around, analyze your acquaintances (smart, but not achieved anything in life). They can't be considered happy, mainly because most often they do things that they don't really like. This is called the fear of changing anything, so many people submit to the easy option — to go along the familiar road. Naturally, this is a global problem, so the country as a whole is also involved. If the country supported economically (reduced tax rates, for example, reduced the level of bureaucracy, etc.), it would allow people to implement their ideas.
    We're smart, but we're not happy, and that makes us poor.

  3. So that you will never wander in the dark, refer to a very simple example.

    Korea. There is South Korea, with an excellent economy, consisting of free people. And then there's North Korea, made up of despondent slaves led by the Kims. They are the same people, and they are all related. The border was drawn by accident, as a result of a conflict between third countries. And such a different, dissimilar fate!

    Using this example, always write to yourself: it is not the people who are to blame, and in general, what the people are, but the circumstances are to blame. And send away all those who argue with you.

  4. Courage has no purpose, � and along with the mind, � you need to develop such qualities as :� indifference , greed, meanness , careerism , insatiable thirst for money and preferably hatred of everyone

  5. We're not smart. We are erudite to the extent that a school (sometimes a university) can cram into us. The mind is to implement the existing knowledge correctly. We all know that in order to avoid poverty, we must help each other, not be lazy, not waste our energy and resources outside the rule of “time for business, an hour for fun”. But we do not implement this knowledge. Every man for himself, everyone will prefer to leave things to the other, everyone wants an hour of work and time for fun. With all our other knowledge, we do the same unwise thing.

  6. Parenting is to blame. And the mentality. We are a spiritual nation. Both Russian and Soviet classics taught us that being mercantile is ugly. And this is in the land of victorious materialism! The paradox. And money loves reciprocity. You love them and they love you.

  7. The cunning and unscrupulous become rich, and the smart, such people, are used to their advantage. Therefore, there are no Russians among the oligarchs. But nothing! we are still just “learning”…

  8. Do you want to be happy? Be it! Why is wealth considered equal to happiness?�

    Why is there so much whining? So we must try to learn to be happy. And no one will do it for you. And one more platitude: the Bible says that despondency is one of the greatest sins.

    So much has been said and written on this topic and everything is not in the horse feed.

  9. Because they are lazy, envious, and complex with a slavish consciousness and stereotypes imposed by the thieves ' authorities. Well, the most important thing is the inability to work for the future result – that is, the desire to grab here and now. Hence all these OdinIksBets and other MMMs.

  10. And who exactly is “we” in the question? It is difficult to count me among the poor by the standards of any country in the world. And I don't think I'm a fool at all. Although the mind is a relative concept. And next to the pillars like Aristotle, Socrates…., but what are the ancient ones. Even next to Weller or Strugatsky, many smart people will look like complete idiots.

  11. Whatever is said, it all depends on the manager. When and how the ship goes depends ONLY on the captain and only then on the team. And no need to tell fairy tales and poke EVERYONE you meet � � From the Street� – this IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO.

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