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  1. Because we divide the country and the people.
    Isn't it the same thing?
    Russia is a poor country because it is a poor people. People have poor education and health. Low social solidarity and financial literacy
    The situation will continue to improve

  2. Why would we(obviously talking about Russia) be the richest country in the world ? What are the criteria for being the richest ? Just explain your thesis, please.

  3. In a rich country, people can only be poor if they are lazy and stupid. Stupid people can't ask a smart question, because the right question is half the answer. A lazy person doesn't even ask questions. From here we can see that you have lazy people who are not stupid, and stupid people who are not lazy. You can see how much you can learn from a simple question!

  4. We are NOT the richest country or the poorest people. There are more mineral resources per capita than in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Norway, Australia, Canada, Bolivia, Venezuela, Namibia, Botswana, and Gabon. If you add to them the resources of a good climate with a wide safe access to the sea, which are almost absent in Russia, and in fact in the world it is here that the centers of the economy and the places of residence of capitalists are located, then Russia is a poor country in terms of resources. And in terms of GDP in terms of PPP, we are on the 55th place in the world, and there are 200 countries in the world, so we live richer than 145 countries in the world, including such giants as India, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, we even live a little richer than China and Mexico, Turkey and Iran, Romania and Bulgaria.

  5. Yes, they just steal from us much more than in other countries. No matter how rich a country is, if the entire treasury is plundered by a handful of people, if the rich pay their employees pennies, if only the export of wealth abroad develops, then the people will necessarily be poor.

  6. Russia is an average country. Two percent of the world's population and about the same share in the global economy. with an appropriate standard of living, social and political structure, etc.

    About the “poorest people” from where? We take the data on the given purchasing power and see Russia halfway between the United States and China.

  7. Back in the 19th century, all Russian ladies wanted to buy hats in Paris and were angry at Russia for being so poor. And Russia is a country of risky farming, where crop failures occur every 5 years.

    Yield in Russia sam3 sam 4. T e on a bucket planted in the ground received a harvest of 3-4 buckets. And in Europe, Sam6-sam7. Twice as much. And the season in Europe is 2 months longer. In some places, you can get 2 crops a year. Therefore, only those who had 500 peasant souls could buy hats in Paris.

    Commercial grain for export abroad could only be produced in the southern regions. What was needed was a land reform that transformed agriculture into a collection of large farms, so that they could buy machinery and fertilizers. And at us and in 20b plowed plow.

    Serfdom in Russia lasted 200 years. Starting from St. George's Day in the middle of the 17th century. And in Europe, it existed for 1000 years, from 4 to

    The idiotic Bolsheviks interrupted the natural path of development and got involved with their wretched communism. And everything went wrong. We decided to run ahead of the locomotive. They turned the whole world against Russia. You can not make jam from green plums. No matter how much sugar you pour, it won't do any good.

  8. Well, first of all, we are far from the richest country.

    Russia's budget is only $300 billion, and this is the most important indicator of the country's financial viability.

    Secondly , our people, judging by the number of cars and new buildings ( both in the city and outside the city), are not the poorest. In the top ten countries in terms of GDP per capita.

  9. Because in 1917, for some reason, we decided that we were smarter than everyone else and could build a society in which we didn't have to work, but could have everything we wanted. Going to this goal, they destroyed (not without the help of “Entente partners”) almost the entire national elite, who understood that this was demagogy and geostrategic deception. Now we are reaping the benefits of that decision: without national elites, without strategic planning, without sovereignty.

  10. in Russia, there are no normal people in governing the country, there are no good, good aristocracy, these people present themselves as the best, but their views and worldview do not offer anything good. in Soviet times, again labor, but otherwise nothing was considered and there was no consumer basket. In addition, the national policy is not defined, and there is no definition of the country's cultural development. culture is defined as writers, artists, and so on, when it's different in other countries. according to the theory of Ulyanov-Lenin, a higher education means an intellectual, and this is not always the case, and Lenin lagged behind on some issues. Russia maneuvers between Asians and Europeans, resulting in corruption.

  11. Both statements are false. We are not the richest country, at least not per capita, and certainly not the poorest people.

    And at the expense of the capitalists, as they have already written here, who are ripping off the people. Weren't we the ones who applauded Yeltsin's reforms and didn't want to hear anything bad about privatizing the most profitable assets, oil and gas in the first place?

    The Communist party created such an attitude towards itself that the people were ready to pay any price, that is, the support of power on the created oligarchy, so long as the Communists did not return to power. And today we actually have such a system. Who can reform it? Relying on what forces? I think we're lucky. At least the billionaires are not kicking the government the way they want to, as they did not long ago. Well, deprivation is definitely not worth waiting for. It's all gone too far.

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