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  1. Because immortality as a phenomenon does not exist. This concept applies to what is called god and what is called Koshchei the immortal, that is, to what no one has seen.

    Why was this question asked? Because the questioner did an experiment in his mind to create a construct.

  2. We usually associate this with our personal immortality. And as we are “told” to know from life in this sense, man is finite and therefore (we) are not immortal… But to say exactly that, namely, that immortality is <T. S.> outside of human nature, is probably not worth it. Today, we do not know much and much (and at the same time in essence – – what it represents, what its true nature (and essence) is. But that's the way it is. The German philosopher Max Scheler wrote: “Over the course of a thousand years of history, we represent the first era in which man has become completely and absolutely 'problematic', when he no longer knows what he is, but at the same time knows that he does not know it.”

    And besides, it is worth drawing our attention to the fact that man (as philosophers say) consists of a soul and a body, and that it is in this union that man and his existence manifest themselves. Therefore ,a clarifying question can be raised: to what (exactly) should this immortality relate (provided that immortality still exists) – to the whole person, separately-to the body or soul…

  3. Because nature's immortality didn't go anywhere at all. Immortality is a brake on development. It's like making a product. Do I still need to produce gramophones? No. For such and such reasons. Well, with live individuals, it's about the same. We need an update.

    If, for example, our ancestors suddenly discovered the secret of immortality, we would not have appeared. There aren't enough resources for everyone. I'd have to give up the kids. And why should they – we ourselves with a mustache. And a stopper. No new brains, no new ideas, no development.

  4. The material universe is a world of forms. A form cannot always exist. We are part of the universe. Our body is one of the forms. Changeable and fickle. It can only exist for a certain number of rhythmic cycles until it is completely destroyed. That's the way the world works. In order for a form to acquire the capacity for permanent immutability, it must cease to be a form, discard all possible forms, and leave only the essence. Immutability cannot be changed. The essence has no form of its own, for it is the essence of all forms, so it is immortal and unchangeable in itself. What is changing? What comes from the essence itself changes, is born and dies, but it is no longer a derivative that receives the properties of space, time and form. The basis of Man is derived from the unchangeable, so man is mortal. Everything is logical. And only after the destruction of the form, the derivative returns to its essence. But this is no longer a person, but his essential base, which is uniform for all forms. Therefore, death is the process of reformatting the essential derivative underlying a given form of life. All the best.

  5. Because humanity has much more important things to do instead of prolonging its life. Fight with each other for example. Produce a lot of iPhones. To invest a lot of money in promoting the fact that death is generally not bad, you have to accept it. Every year to change the fashion, and then go in the same as 100 years ago is not interesting. Produce a lot of personal transport and spend huge resources on roads for this personal transport – and who does not want to carry standing in cattle trucks, so that they also want to. �In general, not up to it!

  6. “Immortality”, which indicates the infinity and indestructibility of life.God, the Source of all life — is not subject to death, that is, He is immortal.
    Habakkuk 1: 12Lord, my God, You are the Ever-living One! You are my Holy God, who never dies!(Modern translation)
    According to the Bible, the person who received the gift of immortality is Jesus Christ. � � � � � � � � � � �Romans 6: 9:Knowing that Christ, having risen from the dead, no longer dies: death no longer has power over Him.
    God owes humanity nothing.
    God's intention is for people to live forever in happiness on earth.
    Psalm 36: 29″ The righteous will inherit the earth and live on it forever.
    Revelation 21: 4 And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death, no more weeping, no more crying, no more sickness; for the former things are past.

  7. And let's imagine that people suddenly became immortal? That's what they are now. Life as such would be instantly devalued.
    I'm afraid that in this case, the Earth would turn into a real hell in a very short time.

  8. I've already answered a similar question. I repeat:

    If only people lived forever,

    That would be inhumane.

    How do you know what you're worth in life?

    How do you know what a risk is?

    Throw yourself into the sea?You can't drown like that!

    Go to the bonfire?So you won't burn out!

    Plow the field?Then I'll have time.

    Invent gunpowder?And for what?!

    Enjoy the lazy hubris

    Prisoners of their immortality.

    They wouldn't have done anything!They'd never come out of the dark!

    Maybe the most important incentive in life

    In the bitter truth that we are mortal.

    Robert Rozhdestvensky

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