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  1. Actually, from a biological point of view, the egg is the primary one.

    Firstly, because animals that lay eggs appeared much earlier than the first chickens.

    Secondly, because, from the point of view of evolution, the first bird, which for a number of certain characteristics could be called a chicken, appeared from the egg of a bird that did not yet have any of these characteristics.

    But if you put the question a little differently: “What was before, a chicken or a chicken egg?”, then, of course, the chicken is primary. 🙂

  2. Because this is a philosophical question and it does not have an answer in a good way, but from the point of view of biology, the “chicken” is the primary biological object, the common ancestor, appeared before the conditional “egg”.

  3. Because there is no time machine…

    Another option crept up, because the person appeared later than the chicken and even more so the egg laid by it, there is no answer to this question, in this case, because the person simply did not see the process and therefore did not understand what was there before him, the chicken or the egg. Or an ape-fisherwho laid a centipede. Something tells me that's exactly what it was. THIS IS THE SOLUTION. but this truth is just my brain.

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