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  1. There is the general theory of relativity, which predicts well the behavior of large objects such as stars, planets, and black holes, and there is quantum mechanics, which works at the micro level: it predicts the behavior of electrons, vibrations of molecules during excitation, etc. But they don't fit together. And it is impossible to come up with such a theory, from which both would be deduced.

  2. They have been trying to create this theory for a long time. But the world is so complex that the end of this work is not yet in sight. For example, only physics has long been trying to create a unified field theory or general relativity, but so far without success. The reason for this is the incredible complexity of the world.

  3. Because to do this, you need to study the universe, and at least the galaxy. And this is not yet possible, and many theories remain theories until the practical part is implemented, or this effect is not observed from the outside. And for this, our land alone is not enough. dozens of examples are needed, under different conditions and with different indicators.

  4. Scientists can't create a unified theory of “everything” just because they don't know it all. And there is no one to tell – aliens do not arrive in our God-forsaken corner of the Universe. And every time scientists think that they have already found the last brick in the foundation of the Universe, this Universe immediately throws up a new tricky riddle. So the poor fellows suffer, looking at muddy pictures through telescopes, telling each other and others interesting “scientific facts” from these Zener figures, and then having fun coloring them in cheerful colors.

  5. Such a theory has been created, but it is not mentioned anywhere in official science…

    Read first “The Last appeal to humanity”, it is possible that your opinion will change somewhat…

  6. You don't need to come up with a “unified theory of everything”. This theory has been around for a long time. The name of this theory is WISDOM.

    Wisdom is the most extensive knowledge in all areas of human activity and the art of not making mistakes.

    Ist. inf. – science “Understanding the Word”.

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