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  1. Because a person who does not want to, or does not have a proper educational base, does not accept evidence.

    At our biological station – there lived a watchman – a devout Muslim. So it was impossible for him to prove that the composition of the sausage (the Soviet one, according to 2.90, gostovskaya) includes pork. He was very fond of sausage…

    This is also what the “witty” Huberman tells us

    Therefore, even people who have graduated from high school and become familiar with NUMEROUS proofs of the existence of evolutionary processes considered in various sciences do not want to see the obvious. Both understand and accept the real!

    And the evidence for evolution is innumerable…

    Therefore, they were even grouped by science…

    morphological features

    anatomical features

    physiological factors

    cytological features

    genetic resources

    embryological studies

    ethological issues

    paleontological sites…

    And that's not all! Therefore, no scientific journal (really scientific, peer-reviewed) will even accept an article with the title “Evidence of evolution found” – for lack of a NOVELTY criterion…

    Selection works on the basis of the KNOWLEDGE collected in the framework of the STE. Including the selection of microorganisms. Vaccines are being created. Including right now – covid vaccines!

    Pesticides against insects, antibiotics against bacteria are used. Based on the knowledge of evolutionary psychology and ethology, mechanisms for manipulating people are developed…

    In short, PRACTICE is the main criterion of truth. And the practice of applying knowledge of evolutionary laws and regularities is enough.

    And don't forget that speciation ISN't HAPPENING right in front of our eyes! Yes, for the most part-this is a very long process! But, sometimes, the person himself accelerates it!

    I'm 58. And at the time of my childhood, there was not yet a new subspecies, and then a species – the urban mosquito (Culex pipiens molestus)! Separated from the natural species-the common mosquito, also known as the squeaker mosquito (Culex pipiens pipiens).

    A new species is defined by the presence of ISOLATIONS from the parent (ecological, ethological, ecological, genetic, geographical, etc.).

    How does the urban (basement) mosquito differ and isolate itself from its progenitor, the squeaker mosquito?

    • it has less chitinization of the body, so its color is not gray, but beige-brown. Weak chitinization allows it not to “break”, but to straighten out after a slight swat. And the buzzing sound in flight is fainter.
    • he changed the tactics of the attack: he does not immediately sit on the victim, but sits down next to him and” on foot ” crawls up to the sleeping person. After making a test puncture, it immediately flies away and attacks again, unless the victim reacted not to the test injection.
    • for daytime shelter, it does not sit on the white ceiling, but hides under furniture – under cabinets, beds. Or he sits on the brown furniture-blending in with it in color.
    • it doesn't go into hibernation! If the temperature is positive in basements and apartments, it is active all year round!
    • year-round activity makes it impossible for male mosquitoes to feed on flower nectar. And they also switched to blood-sucking.
    • for the development of larvae of these mosquitoes – do not need reservoirs. They thrive in (on) moist soil. In basements, there are enough “sweating” pipes for this, especially leaking ones
    • ability to lay the first batch of eggs without blood-sucking, due to the nutritional reserves accumulated at the larval stage (autogeny)
    • mating without swarming

    There are other differences. But these are quite enough to say that in 40-50 years a new species of mosquitoes has formed, which is quite well isolated from the ancestral one. Genetic isolation is not yet fully formed. As in the case of other natural species! it doesn't exist between a brown bear and a polar bear. Reindeer and caribou, different types of swans…

    During the same time, new species also appeared among plants. Mostly of hybrid origin.

    But this is unlikely to convince those who do not know what speciation is. And what are the criteria for the type… Ignorance and engagement will serve them as a reliable shield against knowledge!

  2. For he that hath ears, let him hear; he that hath eyes, let him see; he that hath a brain, let him turn it on. And the one who does not have it will continue to sit with his eyes closed and mumble “vyvsevreti”.

  3. Because they are not very good at proving techniques, and their opponents understand the provability criteria in such a way that they will never be satisfied.

    Those who have come to understand evolution as a fact can reproduce their reasoning. But here, as in any issue, often both sides rarely delve into the analysis, content with repeating similar opinions.

  4. Your question contains a false statement. Evolution was proven by Darwin and his followers in all areas of biology and not just biology. On its basis, vaccines are developed, and methods of treatment – genetics. Natural and artificial selection. Even religions and certain dogmas are evolving. The Universe evolves. Your consciousness evolves. (If not, make the sign of the cross.) No need to muddy your own and other people's minds. “The mind's sleep breeds monsters.”

  5. Facts do not prove, but form the basis of evidence. How can evolution be observed with certainty of fact? Just as in science, other long – term processes are observed and studied-by the traces that these processes leave. Evolution – the variability of biological species over time based on the principle of the origin of one species from another. The first is observed in paleontology based on fossils of organisms in the Earth's strata – a regular change in the paleobiota. The second is observed in comparative genomics when comparing the genomes of currently existing species – the presence of a common ancestor in different species (for example, in all placental mammals, including humans). Separately, within the framework of different evolutionary theories, questions about the mechanisms, driving forces and laws of evolution are raised and solved.

  6. If you put the bacteria in an environment with a high dose of an antibiotic, they will die. But you can create an environment with a small dose of the antibiotic, so that only a part survives. Next to it, you can place a medium with a higher concentration. Further – even more. Etc. After some time, the bacteria will adapt and be able to live even in a highly aggressive environment.

    By the way, this is why it is dangerous to take antibiotics without a doctor's prescription. What's wrong with the proof? Bacteria multiplied, and in each generation there were those who were slightly more resistant. They were the ones who survived.

  7. What makes you think they can't? Quite convincing evidence can be found, for example, in a school biology textbook. There are also many other sources (on paper and on the Internet) designed for both specialists and simply curious people.

    The lack of evidence is indicated by those who “know” in advance that there is no evidence, and do not want to read, listen, or think…

  8. If evolution is an observable fact, then revolution is also an observable fact. And if there is an evolution, then there is a revolution (as the final chord of any evolution). Any evolutionary changes lead (eventually) to revolutionary cataclysms. Therefore, there is nothing to prove here.

    And so there can be no “proofs of evolution,” just as there can be no “proofs of revolution.”

  9. For a simple reason , there is no such evidence. There is no direct evidence of processes that supposedly took place over millions of years. This is speculation. Direct evidence suggests that mutants are not viable, there are no transitional forms, and new species do not appear.

  10. They can and have already proved it. Just pseudoscientific pastors pretend that this is not so. In addition to the above-mentioned Markov site, I can advise you to read the books on the links.

    “The greatest show on Earth.”


    This is the most affordable and easy one.

    “Evolution: Hard evidence”.


    This is more complete, but also in a popular presentation. The notes can be found separately on the Internet.

    If you are interested in evolution, biotechnology, or biology in general, there are quite a few links to books. Write in the comments below the answer.

  11. There is an opinion that natural science theories can not be proofs, only confirmations. This point of view is well described in this 5-minute video: Why you can't prove the theory of evolution. If he agrees with this, then it is impossible to” prove ” by definition.

    In the same video link to the website Problems of evolution authored by Doctor of Biological Sciences Alexander Vladimirovich Markov. It examines the evidence for evolution, divided into seven categories. The information there is reviewed systematically, in detail, in a popular and accessible way, and with links to scientific articles.

  12. Probably because it's impossible to prove anything to a stool. But fortunately, this is not necessary. The opinion of stools that do not know what will be proof and what will not be, few people really care.

  13. And why can't those who claim that evolution is an unobservable fact prove it? And so there is for example an apple mottled fly-living in America, this fly originally lived only in hawthorn, but the Europeans brought apple trees – and suddenly this fly has a new race, so much so that the percentage of “mestizos” in it is only 6%

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