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  1. Because Yahweh demanded the foreskin of Abraham, and all his wards from now on, in order to seal the covenant between themselves and the newly chosen people of God. If you dig into the meaning of circumcision, it becomes clear that there is no special profit except for self-identification (we are like this, you are different). But that's enough. This is one of the things that has helped Jews to survive on the world stage to this day, after surviving everything else. Just think-to lose your state twice (the second time for almost 2000 years!), and then still get ready, return, rebuild, and live on without losing your national “I”, culture, history, traditions, religion. A masterpiece. Without circumcision, as self-identification with a certain group at the level of the body, nothing would have happened – they would have mixed up, dissolved into humanity, like a matzah cake in a raging ocean. And so sdyuzhili, survived, remained. So much for the”why.”

  2. Abraham and the Jews, by performing circumcision, showed God that they were obeying him. After 900 years, circumcision became a tradition of the Jewish people. For their disobedience, God delivered these people into Babylonian captivity. Since then, the Jews have ceased to be the chosen people.

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