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  1. The key point of objectivism is the thesis that the world is knowable, that the human mind can objectively know a reality that does not depend on it. According to Kant, we know only the phenomenal world, and we cannot know the noumenal world of things-in-themselves. At the same time, our ideas about reality are initially distorted, ordered by a priori forms of perception. Rand considered the idea of the limitations of our cognitive abilities and the dependence of perception on a priori forms to be an ” attack on the mind.”

    In addition, the Kantian ethics of duty is fundamentally different from the ethics of objectivism, and the categorical imperative in principle leaves no room for rational egoism in this system. Rand believed that Kant was simply trying to rehabilitate altruism.

  2. Because she was a dim-witted woman who spent her entire life raging about the consequences of childhood psychological traumas received in revolutionary Russia. This is where its immoralism, hatred of workers and many other features come from.

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