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  1. For the same reason in Deuteronomy, God repeats the people of Israel several times: “And may these words that I command you today, in your heart and in your soul and you must inculcate them in your son and speak of them when you sit in your house and walk by the way, and when you rise up; and bind them for a sign upon thy hand, and they shall be a bandage over your eyes, and write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates” (Deut., 6:8). Jews also carry pieces of Scripture in small boxes tied to their foreheads and hands (tefillin) during prayer, and almost identical boxes are attached to the doorposts (mezuzah). This is a metaphor, a figure of speech that Jews use literally.

    And Jesus also asked the disciples to absorb and assimilate his words, using the most ancient metaphor: “… take, eat… take it, drink it… This is my blood of the New Covenant.” And Christians, too, follow this metaphor literally, literally drink and eat. And this does not necessarily indicate the stupidity of the first Christians or the inaccuracy of translations and interpretations of their Writings. In fact, most rituals are based on the direct use of metaphors, and rituals allow you to transmit thoughts in time when recording is not available (there are no or few literate people). The ritual of mixing the blood of twin brothers, performed in public, replaced the written contract, and none of the participants thought that the blood of two people really mixed, and even more so begins to flow again in their veins. This is the figurative meaning of the ritual. Similarly, the ritual of the Eucharist (communion with bread and wine) is designed to constantly remind all generations of Christians of what Jesus said and taught. In Protestant churches, it is called a “ceremony”, refusing to be considered a” sacrament”, that is, the act of literally transubstantiating bread and wine into the living flesh and blood of Christ.

    We ourselves use metaphors that are quite strange for any foreigner to describe understanding, remembering / not remembering: – get it on your nose, eat a stake on your head, suck it in, digest it, truncate it, etc.

  2. In other words, he predicted to his disciples that they would pass through all hardships and hardships on an equal footing with him, preaching in the name of the Father who sent Him. And in general, the sacrament has nothing to do with it. Further, these simmvols of bread and blood in various forms go throughout the text of Revelation-here ang'el crushes sinners like a vinograd, and how their blood is poured out in the appearance of the morning dawn.. For she (the harlot) has made all the nations drink of ungodly blood. And these simvols are designed to reinforce the message that is hidden in the text for the uninitiated.

  3. How can a resident of Africa interpret the Russian proverb – “an apple does not fall far from the apple tree”? �

    The Gentile Christians interpreted Yeshua's words about blood and flesh in the same way.

    To begin with, Yeshua was a Jew and preached to the Jews. Much of what he does�

    it can only be properly understood by humans at least a little bit�

    familiar with Jewish law, rituals, lifestyle, and history�

    of the Jewish people, with the statements and disputes of the Hebrew sages concerning the law and customs that took place in the 1st century AD.

    Rabbis – Jewish teachers, sometimes compared the parables(haggadah) in which any law was explained with blood, and the Torah (the Pentateuch of Moses) with bread.

    Or the rabbis called their teaching bread for the disciples.

    Also, it's no secret that the wine drunk in the company turns into�

    in the blood of man, and the bread eaten together at the table, in the flesh of those who кто

    I ate it.

    Thus, what Yeshua said at the meal means that those who will be будет

    to follow his teaching will be like a brother to him in the flesh and spiritually.

    It would not be amiss to recall G-d's injunction to Jews not to drink�

    no one's blood. Yeshua who declared in Heb. according to mt. ch. 5 v. 17, 18, that he�

    He did not come to break the law, so he kept this commandment as well.

    and all his students.

    But Christians interpreted Yeshua's words in their own way and took them for their own purposes.

    at face value. And it turns out, according to their interpretation, that Yeshua at the last supper did not�

    only he gave his disciples a drink of his own blood and fed them with his own flesh. �

    but I used it all myself.

    Also when the Greeks declared Yeshua to be God at the 1st Ecumenical Council,

    this generally removed all prohibitions on the fact that Yeshua,already in the rank of “god-man”

    He could do and preach: add or cancel both the commandments and the entire law given by G-d to the Jews.�

    No one pays any attention to the words

    G-d himself in the Pentateuch about himself and the law given by Him – that G-d is not a human being,

    to change your mind that the laws are given to the Jews forever, which can not be changed.�

    by fear of death, neither add nor subtract any commandment that is in the laws.�

    if a person lives, that is, not only a Jew, but also a Gentile.

    Of course, not all laws given to Jews are required to be fulfilled by Gentiles,�

    but only a part of them . For Gentiles, the 7 laws of Noah are given.

    Whoever fulfills them can approach the sanctity of the Jewish high priest.

    About the blessings that Yeshua said before he lifted the cup and said:

    he broke bread.

    These blessings, cat. a Jew says before drinking wine or�

    Eating bread – ” Blessed be our G – d and G-d, the King of the universe who has brought forth

    to us is the fruit of the vine” and so is the bread ” Blessed be our G-d and G-d

    The king of the universe who gave us bread from the earth.”

    So no more Greek mysticism.

  4. It is written that the believer is an organ (member) in the body of Christ (the church).

    Any organ must first be directly subordinate to the head (Christ).

    And in others, be nourished by blood … otherwise, it will die.

    Similarly, a person has a body, a soul (personality) and a spirit.

    The body is nourished by material food, the soul by information, and the spirit by the Word of God.

    Jesus is the bread of life, the bread that came down from heaven.

    And in order for our spiritual body to grow, it needs to be nourished.

    In fact, communion is one of only two material rituals in the Church of Christ in Odessa with water baptism.

    Both are purely spiritual activities, but both involve new converts who have yet to understand spiritual realities.

    That's what the material prototype is set up for.

    In fact, the bread and wine of communion remain banal bread and wine.

    But a Christian by faith in the spiritual world actually eats the body and drinks the blood of Christ in order to abide in His body.

    And without faith, as it is written, it is impossible to please God, and if you just eat and drink-this is a stupid empty ritual.

  5. In fact, communion means that Christ became food-like the Word of God, who became incarnate. It has a physical form in the form of bread and wine, for reminders, memories and expectations.

  6. Of course, the communion of bread and wine came to Christianity partly from Hellenistic culture (the Dionysian mysteries), partly from the ancient Egyptian mysteries of Osiris, as well as the formulas “transformation of water into wine” (the initial initiation usually at marriage) and “death and resurrection” (“the highest initiation of the pyramids”). Of course, in the new religious movement, the old archetypal formulas are being reinterpreted. In the religion of the Logos, which calls for the knowledge of Truth and in full accordance with the polysemy of the name “Logos” (logos is both the word, the meaning, and the law…), Christ calls for the knowledge of the meaning of the teaching, for the union of the word (the flesh of thought) with the meaning (the blood or soul of the word). This is exactly what the formula “eat My flesh and drink My blood” means, and not outright cannibalistic eating of anyone. The literal reading of the text becomes the basis of rituals that preserve the unencrypted logic for posterity. The only question is: now that we have finally figured out the meanings, should we continue the practice of ritually relaying hidden meanings right up to the final formula about death and resurrection, or should we abandon them as if they were buried coffins?

  7. Oh, it's going to be blasphemous. The full program will go. Here's the gist of it. What was the name of the Carthaginian general? Ganiball. And in plain language, without transcriptions? Kanibal. Cannibalism was not the norm, but a common occurrence 2 thousand years ago. And when Christ said that the apostles eat and drink his flesh, in the form of bread and wine, he meant it LITERALLY. that bread and wine became symbolically his meat and blood. This is unacceptable for us, 2 thousand years ago it was commonplace. By the way, this is why the more civilized Romans Utichtofcarthage not only swept the yoke off the face of the earth, but also sprinkled the entire territory with salt. Cannibals lived there, and the Romans did not eat people anymore, and they made sure that the center of cannibalism was completely destroyed. Never again did they cover the ground with salt. It was a genocide against cannibals. And correctly.

  8. During the period of geographical discoveries, there lived in England James Fraser, who collected records of missionaries who returned from new lands, and collected as much as a six-volume book+ an abridged version of his work-the Golden Bough.�

    So in many places of the planet there were sacred animals( bear, camel). In Siberia, the bear was kept on privezi, fed and worshipped. Then a celebration! And Misha was eaten after parting and apologies. With the camel, something similar happened – they cooked in a different way.

    In fact, James Fraser is the cultural minimum of a person who can read.And it's on Brodsky's list. In general, enjoy reading and discoveries!

  9. It is difficult to say, maybe this is one of the options for communion through blood and flesh to his knee Judah (one of the tribes Of Israel). Or some kind of reference to giyur, when a non-Jew who is already circumcised is bled in Judaism. Or maybe just a renunciation of mortal human nature or something else.

  10. only you shall not eat the flesh with its life and blood (Gen. 9: 4).

    The soul of the body is in the blood, and I have appointed it for you for the altar (Leviticus 17: 11).

    I will also require your blood, which is your life; I will require it from every beast; I will also require the soul of man at the hand of man, at the hand of his brother. 6 Whosoever sheds the blood of man, his blood will be shed by the hand of man: for man was created in the image of God (Gen. 9: 4)

    But Jesus said to them, ” The cup that I drink, you will drink “(Mark 10: 39).

    For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45).

    they will destroy and trample down the slingstones, and they will drink and make a noise like wine, and they will be filled like sacrificial bowls, like the corners of the altar. And the Lord their God will deliver them in that day like sheep to his people (Zechariah 9: 15).

    For I am with you, says the Lord, to save you: I will utterly destroy all the nations among which I have scattered you, but I will not destroy you (Jer. 30: 11).

    And it shall come to pass in all the earth, saith the LORD, that two parts of it shall be cut off, and perish, and the third part shall remain upon it. And I will bring this third part into the fire, and I will melt them as silver is melted, and I will purify them as gold is refined: they will call on my name, and I will hear them, and I will say, “This is my people,” and they will say, ” The Lord is my God.”

    Their souls will be taken captive by salvation after death, and they will receive instead the soul of the Lord for his life.

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