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  1. I can't say that there are more outstanding philosophers in Germany than in other countries (France, Great Britain, Italy can certainly compete with it), but if we assume that this is the case, the answer is one – Wednesday. Growing up in a certain society, the child in the process of forming the inner world learns certain values, through the prism of which he later looks at the world around him. Thus, a child raised in an environment where education is highly valued will absorb the idea of the importance of personal growth, assimilation of new knowledge and continuous development. As the level of education increases, the number of people who are considered outstanding philosophers by the author of the question also increases.

  2. Well, of course, Germany gave no more.

    Here is a comparison, for example:

    France: wikipedia.org

    Germany: wikipedia.org

    Britain: wikipedia.org

    Quite comparable figures. I would only put the question in a different way: why are German philosophers clearly more popular in Russia than their French and British colleagues? I admit that this is due to the tightly intertwined history of Russian-German relations over several centuries.

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