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  1. Good evening.”

    1. Freedom is the quality that makes us original, creative beings. Without freedom, a person cannot be a person, but will be an obedient and indifferent being… This gift was necessary for both humans and other intelligent beings, such as angels.

    2. ” should we follow animal egoism, or should we follow spiritual egoism and withdraw from the rest?” The question is not entirely clear. I get the impression that you are referring to three categories:good, evil, and neither good nor evil. What does the rest mean?

    When the Lord created the first people, He invested them with good qualities, gave them the gift of freedom, so that they could live with God according to their free decision, strengthen in love for Him. The Lord did not make them weak-willed beings, but gave them the good gift of freedom, with which they could improve. But the gift of freedom was fraught with a certain danger – a deviation from God and His law. Knowing this, the Lord warned the first people what would happen to them if they decided to oppose the good will of God. According to the mysteries of God, the first people could not use this great gift for their own good, they stumbled from the command of God, they committed sin. Now perfect people, made good, have lost their perfection. The first sin committed distorted the perfect human nature, and sin brought suffering and death into human life. Sin has divided humanity's only good path with the Creator according to His commandments into two paths. In addition to the path of good with the Creator, the path of evil appeared, which characterizes itself as a path of resistance to God and His law.

    Based on the above, I will give a definition of good and evil. Good is all spiritual and moral attitudes and phenomena of life that lead to God. Evil, on the contrary, is everything that leads away from God, those attitudes and phenomena of life that violate the will of God. Evil is a deviation from good. Therefore, a person in his life chooses either the path of good-the desire to live by faith in God and according to His commandments, or chooses the path of evil – life without faith in God and according to false concepts. The third is not given. Here I will make a small clarification.

    Of course, the path of good does not immediately make a person good, and the path of evil does not immediately make a person evil. Every person from birth has some good qualities, so choosing the path of good, a person gradually improves the existing good qualities, moves away from bad qualities, thereby achieving a state of certain sinlessness, and the path of evil, on the contrary, increasingly erases the innate good qualities from a person, worsens the bad ones, and a person becomes more and more evil. The extreme degree of the path of evil is Satanism. Here, a person loses almost all good qualities, takes the side of the personified evil-the devil and declares war on his Creator – God.

    3. If a person has chosen the good path with God, has chosen the path with Jesus Christ, he cannot immediately get rid of all evil, because the damaged human nature is slowly being corrected and it takes a lot of time and work for a person to love God and His law from the bottom of his heart, and to hate evil. Only after some time will a person be able to walk firmly on the path with God and become more and more perfect. Therefore, on the Christian path, a person will be more or less drawn to the carnal, will be drawn to do something in his own way, that is, animal egoism will be quite strong in him. It is for this reason that Jesus Christ calls the way with Him a narrow way, and that the kingdom of God is taken by force, and those who make an effort take It away.

    1. You ask whether it is right for God to tell a person to hate all evil and to avoid it for the sake of God and His law? Fair enough, of course. After all, without this, it is impossible to achieve spiritual perfection. Either we are determined to move away from everything that the Word of God forbids and become real people, or we give ourselves a break, sin in different ways, and eventually depart from the good path and take the path of evil, which makes us worse. The most dangerous quality of sin is that it sometimes gives a person pleasure. For example, the passion of pride and vanity. Some people enjoy humiliating others. Similarly, people who revel in the glory of men enjoy themselves. From what, for example, some modern artists do not want to leave the stage at all – human praise and admiration gives them pleasure, fills their lives. And without it, life will be bleak for them. Of course, this is when they themselves do not understand that vanity is false values and false pleasure. That real life and legitimate satisfaction is in God and His law… Therefore, the Lord did everything wisely to show us what we should run, despite the fact that it seems pleasant to us, and what we strive for.. In life, of course, there are quite a few things about which we cannot judge unequivocally (because there is nothing in the Bible about this) – whether this will lead us to good or evil.. All you need to do here is watch yourself closely to see if this leads you away from God, away from spiritual values. If it leads away, then you need to cut it off.

    This concludes my answer. If you have any questions about the answer or need clarification, please write to us.

    Peace be with you.

  2. I don't think He's withdrawn himself. He helps everyone who turns to Him for help. In addition, He founded a Church in which He helps through the Sacraments and Christians. Yes, in general, any kind person becomes a conductor of His help.

  3. This is absolutely fair. He created the world, He created people and gave them freedom. Then live on your own. And then one day He will gather His strength and reward everyone according to their deeds. And everyone will be asked how they used the freedom they were given.

  4. Well, first of all, what does “self-withdrawn” mean? From what? Everything in the world works and moves only by His will and grace. Water, food, light, air, our bodies-they all belong to Him, don't they? Moreover, It supports all this, so that it does not fall apart, does not destroy: The universe worked like a Swiss watch (if such a comparison is appropriate).

    Secondly, he is always with us: right in our heart. We can feel the voice of our heart if we don't run with our tongue hanging out in the frenzied rhythm of canine civilization. But even if we do not hear this subtle voice, God sends saints into this world who help us find the right choice, feel happiness and love in words and deeds.

    So it is not fair to say that God has withdrawn himself. It was we who turned our backs on Him because of our lack of intelligence and callousness of heart.

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