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  1. What kind of blood are we talking about in Judaism ? That's right, about animal blood. Their soul is in the blood, and to partake of an animal soul is a natural prohibition of God. You take communion and become an animal.�

    But what about the blood of Christ? The blood of Christ is a Holy, life-giving “substance” and to accept what gives Life, and does not defile – the Doctor Himself prescribed. Of course, for the Jews, all this looked and looks like a kind of temptation, but it is said about Christ in one place that He is a Stumbling block and a temptation.�

    33 Behold, I lay in Zion a stumbling block and a stumbling block; but whosoever believeth in him shall not be put to shame.
    (Romans 9: 33)

  2. An ancient custom that is still preserved in some remote tribes. Although-let's recall a relatively recent history-the Japanese custom of kukumari during the 2nd MV. Eating organs to master some of the properties of what is being eaten is a long-standing custom that persists in various forms even today-after all, it is recommended to eat meat to build muscle.

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