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  1. I don't even know where this question comes from, it's so wrong.

    There is no rational principle in nature. All processes are largely random, although they fit into patterns. Nature doesn't need a human being. Nature doesn't need anything. Nature is a set of rules by which atoms interact with each other, and nothing else.

    A person appeared because of the circumstances and nothing else. A person has no destiny other than the one he chooses for himself.

  2. I will immediately note that there is no and cannot be a definite answer to this question. Personally, I like the following idea, albeit a little pathetic.

    The main property of a person is the possession of self-consciousness and intelligence. Let us accept this statement as true. The key feature of the mind is the ability to observe the world around you and build its reflection (model) in accordance with the observed. Man is a part of the universe (we can say that nature created him), so consciousness is an instrument of our world, with the help of which he knows himself. From this point of view, the purpose of man in particular and the mind in general (in the broadest sense, including the mind of hypothetical aliens and artificial intelligence) is to receive and share knowledge in all its diversity.

    Why should the universe be aware of itself? Who the hell knows, and it's not even a fact that you can find out in principle. Probably, this process is as self-sufficient as life itself. If anything, it's fun, which is especially funny in light of the fact that the passion for curiosity seems to have evolved as a way of forcing us to explore new territories in order to survive. Agree, our world has chosen a rather ingenious way to awaken consciousness in itself and admire its beauty.

  3. there are only two almost identical options-

    1. Nature has no rational beginning, all processes are random. In an infinite universe, everything that can happen happens, including life itself.

    And man is the highest form of life on Earth, acquired intelligence in the course of evolutionary selection.

    1. Mind is a property of matter that necessarily manifests itself in certain conditions. When the conditions on Earth became necessary, Intelligence emerged.

    Both items complement each other. And the presence of any creator (in the person of God or nature) “desire to create a person” does not require, well, the most reasonable creator is not required, he is an extra entity unsuitable for explaining anything.

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