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  1. First, you need to take for granted the presence of “nebydla”. Previously, the cultural background of the Runet did not allow them to somehow stand out in social networks. Any good note was immediately lost in the streams of excellent humor (no) of MDK-type publics. The students found a shelter on the Internet where they could hide from Batim's belt in real world. You could be anything here. But the laws of life also apply on the Internet. And the need to be fashionable/cool/popular remained. All you had to do was keep up with the memes. And then we got a cycle of shit in nature, schoolchildren went to where everything is, and MDK created a low-grade product for easier popularization among the masses.

    And then “nebydlo” comes out into the spotlight. In addition to the constant desire to be cooler than others, the human individual has a desire to stand out. In the history of memes, the era of modernity is coming. To meet their needs, it is no longer enough for a person to subscribe to the MDK. LOL and KEK join the battle, cancer brain and other content that is difficult for an educated person to understand comes into fashion. A kind of protest against conventional humor.�

    In the end, this also became over-the-top. Such humor was picked up by the same MDK and it became bad form in a normal society to make reposts from such publics. By this time, the elite has already grown up a little, they are no longer schoolchildren, they are already formed Gestalt of the student. The young humans crawled out of their father's house and into the white light, where they faced Dazain one-on-one. And since being, like everything else in this world, is futile, you have to read and develop yourself, whether you want to or not. No one will see the muscles at the computer in the dorm, and the pimples will not go anywhere, and the desire to assert yourself and be special still holds you in a stranglehold. And then you notice that something has to be done about what you've read in Heidegger's Being and Time. It won't help the cashier in Mac much, and Sartre, Junger, and Nietzsche are already waiting in line. You have to look for those who would share your views and beliefs. Because you are so special and abstract, there are so many of them. And here you are already a small elite interest club for 70k people (hello AMDEVS). In general, we can only rejoice at this turn of events. Such spiritual growth is extremely rare. This is the time of fasting. Postmodern, baby.

  2. Incorrect wording. There was no transition “from a classmate to a reasonable person”. Both categories of teenagers have existed together all the time, but now the audience of intelligent publics is becoming much more active, it is growing, and publics on the topics of philosophy, culture, art and science are gaining more subscribers. By the way, judging by the fact that the question was about culture, philosophy and art, it is most likely about AMDEVS, they like to post a lot of things. This place is now terribly well-known, you may get the impression that everyone in the VC is so educated right now.

  3. The so-called mass culture is currently heterogeneous. Now it is dominated by the middle level, within which the fashion for high culture is introduced.

    This, in turn, is logically connected, first of all, with the development of the media, with the availability of secondary and higher education, the availability of books on sale a la “50 great books on philosophy/psychology”, “Classical music/painting for dummies”, “*Name of the Philosopher* in 90 minutes” and so on.;

    there are also a lot of online projects that promote almost all areas of science. I think you know about them yourself. Well, and all that stuff, where interesting, concise, accessible material is presented that not everyone can read and comprehend in the original.

    Oh, yes, in the same vk, they conduct, so to speak, educational programs, posting articles about, for example, the main philosophical concepts that “you need to know” (this was the postscript to the post), and there are public pages focused on a specific area-well, the most popular is literature and philosophy-where quite serious and complex material is served with the same irony, joke (which is very typical for postmodernism).

    To understand these jokes that play on some philosophical concept, idea, personality of the philosopher, the phenomenon of art, etc., the amount and quality of information that is obtained through the above sources is quite sufficient.

    Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I think there is still more positive things. After all, this can give an impetus to a closer acquaintance with the topic of fun.

    For example, about a year ago, a joke about Seren Kierkegaard in one of the public sites made me go to Wikipedia, see who he is, and thus led to an acquaintance with the philosophical trend of existentialism, which is quite possible to master with your own brains, unlike, for example, some phenomenology.

    However, maybe you should look for something like “Husserl in 90 minutes”?..))

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