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  1. This is a very interesting question. The fact is that philosophers (especially ancient ones) were looking for something that is unchangeable, eternal and suitable for the role of the first foundation of the world. Agree that this has its own logic-to consider real rather what is eternal than what is transitory.

    That is why philosophers like Parmenides, Plato, and others began to put the world of ideas above the world of things and becoming by discovering some laws of the world in thinking.

    I'll give you a clear example. A well-known legend says that Pharaoh Amasia was deeply struck by Thales. By what? He was able to accurately determine the height of the pyramid by waiting for the moment when the length of the stick's shadow becomes equal to its height, and then measured the length of the pyramid's shadow. But what was it that struck Pharaoh? It is possible that this formula itself with the proportions of lengths is eternal (he even ordered to capture this moment on his tomb). Pharaoh and Thales will die, time will wipe out the pyramid, and the idea of this relationship will continue to exist.

  2. The final decision “what is considered real” is made only by the human thinking apparatus, which takes into account the entire amount of data from different organs.

    The thinking apparatus is much more advanced and versatile than the simpler, highly specialized vision apparatus.

    In science and life, people and scientists can rarely see anything with their own eyes, but they still need to understand “what we see” and cut off possible errors. This is a very simple path of mostly physical cognition and survival.

  3. Just because they taught their audience to think abstractly and strategically, focusing on particulars meant abandoning strategy and leadership, while understanding the abstract as real helped them understand both the general laws of the world and their own opportunities in the world.

  4. Seriously thinking people still think so today. True philosophers always strive for the Cause. The reason for existing is identical to its meaning. And the word “meaning “is the same root as the word”thought”. Thought is the cause of everything. Thought precedes action, and the quality of action depends on the perfection and power of thought. (Thought can also be so powerful that the desired result is achieved without any physical effort.) In fact, thought is the real action, and the physical is only its shadow, a projection. Everything that happens on earth is just an echo of what happened in the Invisible World.

    Dear friend, or can't you see,

    What is everything we see –

    Just a glimmer, just shadows

    From the unseen eye?

    Dear friend, or can't you hear,

    That everyday noise is crackling –

    Only the response is distorted

    Triumphant consonants?

    Dear friend, or you can't smell it,

    What is one thing in the whole world –

    Just what's heart to heart

    Speaks in silent privet?

    Vladimir Solovyov

  5. The sage knows intuitively, not trusting the senses. My ego and all the manifestations of the universe are identical. Nei Ching advises: “Banish all extraneous thoughts, breathe in cosmic energy and free the mind from fetters.” The ancient sages knew that the visible is an illusion and therefore trusted meditative and intuitive knowledge. Reality is a projection of the mind. And they were right, as science confirms today. With respect.

  6. The relationship between the world of ideas and their projections into our world is simply far-fetched. Plato in his “cave” felt something. but the fact is that we live in an immortal world of ideas.

  7. They did not have enough knowledge about the nature of things and the world around them, besides, philosophy rose very high in antiquity, if we are talking about this period, just as the developing ideas about metaphysics had a great influence on the “conceivable”.

  8. Because it really is!!! The spirit world, doesn't mean anything?And he's the one who rules our lives.If you are interested, find knowledgeable people, only in Orthodoxy.and ask.In any case, do not dare to open the veil yourself, in this dimension the end will be disastrously fierce, I'm not joking.Approach this question very carefully.

  9. I don't remember in which movie the phrase is pronounced

    “Everyone goes crazy in their own way.”

    The desire of people who even call themselves philosophers to look like idiots is indisputable, and is fixed by the laws of nature.

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