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  1. The ideas of reincarnation and karma already existed in India in the 6th century BC, when the Buddha lived there. Enlightenment as a phenomenon is already found in various Indian texts. The Hindu concept of enlightenment is moksha, the Buddhist concept is bodhi. Including the famous text, the Yoga Sutra written by the founder of yoga Patanjali, describes in detail what karma is, what reincarnation is, and at the same time what Enlightenment is. But all these concepts in the classical Yogic and classical Buddhist understanding are slightly different.�

    Knowledge of past lives is usually revealed to people at a certain stage of yogic development.

    «Here, monks, some hermit or brahmana remembers… �various locations, were in former existences, namely �one birth, two births, three births, four births, �in five births, ten births, twenty births, thirty �births, forty births, fifty births, a hundred births, in �a thousand births, a hundred thousand births, many hundreds of births in �many thousands of births, many hundreds of thousands of births, “where I lived under �a name like that, in such that is, in such and such a class, with such and such “food,” experienced such and such happiness and misery, and reached such and such a period of life. Then, having left existence, I was born again in another place, where I lived under such and such a name, in such and such a family, in such and such a class, in such and such a diet, experienced such and such happiness and misery, and reached such and such a period of life. Then, having given up my existence, I was “reborn here” (Brahmajala Sutta).

    «After all, through diligence, through effort, through diligence, “through earnestness, through right mindset, I gain” such concentration of mind that I remember with a concentrated mind ” various places where I have stayed in previous existences “(Brahmajala sutta).

    The Buddha's life is described in detail in numerous Jatakas, often from his own words, and in total he had approximately 537 incarnations on Earth, during which he cultivated as a disciple of the Dharma. There is also a description of the prediction of the past Buddha Dipankara, who predicted to the future Gautama that he would also become a Buddha in his next birth.

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