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  1. First: I would not say that the French army performed very well in the First World War, throughout the war the French suffered huge losses (whether they attacked or defended) due to life in the past era (hence the desire for a general battle, reliance on fortresses, colored, not protective uniforms, etc.), but after the stabilization of the front, the war entered a protracted phase, which meant
    Secondly, the factors accompanying the defeat are obsession with past experience (preparing for trench warfare, building defensive lines), underestimating technology (tanks, aircraft), mistakes in the location of troops and underestimating the enemy (the fortifications in the Ardennes – the point of the German breakthrough were weaker, and the troops were not sufficiently prepared, since no one expected that it would be possible to pass here at all).
    Third: Morally, the French people themselves were not ready for a new war and did not want bloodshed (The First World War was a huge disaster for France, taking almost 20% of the country's population).

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