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  1. Have you watched the movie “Antichrist” by Lars von Trier? As a newly converted Catholic, he tried to show figuratively what the witch principle means and why humanistic methods are not applicable to it.

  2. Any religion restricts and regulates sexuality to one degree or another. Women, accordingly, were “guilty” of “leading men into sin.” Superimpose this on the traditional Medieval misogyny , and we get a “witch hunt”. Men took revenge on women for their own sexual desire. Measures were taken that specifically reduce the attractiveness of women: shaving the forehead to the crown, long deaf dresses “on the floor” and so on.

    As at all times, revenge for rejected love became a frequent motive for reprisals: “so do not get you to anyone.” It is this conflict that is reflected in Hugo's Notre-Dame de Paris.

    In Russia at that time, by the way, all this also happened, although on a smaller scale. In fact, before Peter I, women were also considered second-class people and were subjected to monstrous tortures and executions. There were also “classic” burnings at the stake.

    In general, it is good that these times have passed, although relapses of misogyny occur to this day, and not only in the “third world” countries.

    By the way, modern radical feminists in their struggle against natural female sexuality (a woman should not strive to be attractive, etc.) are amusingly close to those same medieval obscurantists – but they themselves do not seem to understand this.

  3. A free-thinking person is the most dangerous phenomenon for the church and the state. Therefore, they were dealt with at all times: in the Middle Ages, witches were burned at the stake, and the existence of witches is still recognized by the church. Then they shot the enemies of the people and still the state sees enemies and the fifth column everywhere. Now the objectionable are declared mentally ill and imprisoned in mental hospitals, although the experiment of David Rosenhan showed the failure of the science of psychiatry and its methods.

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