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  1. It seems that you didn't watch the cartoon very carefully, because the tsar says directly why he does it:“I have mountains of cakes to eat, what to eat, and what to drink. But I paint, I paint fences, so as not to be known as a parasite!”

    Then Vovka asks him :” Why are you painting the fence? You are the king! You're supposed to do nothing!”. And the king answers: “Yes, I know, I know…My job title is just don't do anything. Why, you'll just die of boredom!”

    In other words, the tsar is in favor of people doing business, even if they have the power to oblige other people to work for them. And this is a very correct message for children who watch the cartoon. If only our officials, too, at least sometimes, watched Soviet cartoons…

    Generally,Vovka in the faraway kingdom in my opinion, one of the coolest Soviet cartoons. To contain so much wisdom and positivity in 20 minutes of video, and at the same time in such a simple and understandable form, it is necessary to be real masters of your craft! You begin to understand why my parents ' generation respects the Soviet past so much…

    “Dear friends! Did the goldfish take pity? “No, Granny, it's me! Well done!!!”

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