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  1. Still, in order not to turn everything into a story or legend, it is worth reading the book ” Wittgenstein's Poker. The story of a ten-minute argument between two great philosophers.” It makes it clear how true the phrase “lies like an eyewitness”is. All the participants in that meeting left extremely contradictory testimonies. And only according to Popper's version, Wittgenstein poked him with a poker, apparently specifically so that he would sharply parry his phrase.

    If anyone doesn't know, the point is that Wittgenstein (allegedly) asked Popper in exasperation: “Can you give me at least one example of universal ethical statements?” (this is exactly what Popper's report was about.) To which he (allegedly) replied: “Please, for example, do not poke people with a poker.”

    Personally, I have a strong feeling that this phrase did not sound, but is a typical “wit on the stairs” as the French say. And the poker was thought out along with it.

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