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  1. Keep in mind that the Son of God is not a son in exactly the same sense as the offspring of men. The Son and the Father are one and the same Being, only in different Personalities. So, literally, your question is: why didn't God save himself? If you think about it a little, then this too should be expressed in another way: why did God go to the earthly life, torment and execution in the first place? The answer is known: because this is how He could give a chance for salvation to people who are mired in sin, without violating their freedom – by sacrificing Himself for them.

  2. It was Jesus ' choice to die for the sins of mankind, and thus by dying, death can give man a path to salvation. Jesus had both a divine and a human nature, and it was as a human that he suffered for the rest of humanity. Thus, if God had saved his son, on the one hand, he would have violated the principle of free will, on the other, he would not have given humanity a chance for salvation.

  3. There was no need to save anyone – no one was killed. Not only does “to die” not mean “to perish” at all, but then Jesus was clearly resurrected in every sense. The death of the body is not something absolutely bad (certainly good too), and suffering expiates sins, leads to purification, and brings the final salvation closer. So salvation in this context is the very possibility of redeeming them. In defense of insinuations, I also note that suffering is not the only way to atone for sins, and it is not necessary to be crucified on the cross because of any jamb. But that's a different topic. On this point, I will summarize that Jesus was saved from the beginning, and he did not need any additional salvation, no matter what happened to his material body.

  4. Through the sacrifice of His Son, many sons and daughters were saved. This is the principle of our Existence – everything is built on Sacrifice. And then, Christ did not perish, nothing terrible happened to Him in the long run – He was resurrected and thanks to His Feat was transformed and entered into His highest Glory, for which He is Praised, Honored and Adored.

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