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  1. That's not so. There are religious scientists. There are atheist scientists. Faith does not always claim to refute scientific evidence, as it may seem. Not all religious scientists believe that the earth is flat, or that man is made of clay. For example, scientists can interpret creationism as the creation of the first living organisms from amino acids by some higher forces. Each person interprets religious traditions in his own way. Science is one of the ways to model the world based on sensory experience. This method does not have to be the only one that a person uses. The scientist can supplement the experience of his senses with any internal additions to the model of the world, for still unknown phenomena, regardless of the adequacy of reality. The question of faith outside of any interpretation is the question of the existence of a higher intelligence(s). But this question is in a plane different from scientific logic, which does not intersect with it. Therefore, in the mind of a scientist, two logical systems can quite organically coexist, one of which describes the sensory material world, and the other-the world that is transcendental to the senses.

    Atheism also does not imply a lack of religiosity. For example, Buddhism is a nontheistic teaching. If a person does not believe in a higher intelligence or creator, this does not necessarily mean that he does not believe in any transcendental reality phenomena. In addition, atheists may not even accept the scientific method as a way of reflecting reality. Everyone is different.

  2. It is known that the main hobby of believers in their free time is to bring another lost sheep into the bosom of the church. It is very difficult to resist this, since missionaries have a huge arsenal of means of clogging the brains of their neighbor, which has been used for more than 15 centuries. The only effective defense against this scourge is not to be a sheep or to have a high level of education, the symbol of which for many is the atom. No believer will wear a T-shirt (badge) with the symbol of the atom. This is absolutely impossible. For them, it is an antidote to religion. For an atheist, it is a beautiful sign that symbolizes knowledge and progress.

  3. Because the basis of science is experiment, doubt, consideration of several hypotheses, appeal to facts, logical thinking.�

    The basis of religion is faith, musty dogmas invented by ignorant people who lived many centuries ago in a completely different society.

    Science has given the world technological progress. Religion gave the world hatred of dissenters, wars, negative selection (when the Inquisition destroyed brilliant minds, but encouraged servility, ignorance).

  4. In my humble opinion, because of the natural human desire to rely on authority. Well, and because of the historical features of the emergence of European atheism. Atheism grew out of humanism, and that, in turn, appeared very much thanks to science, and more precisely astronomy. Once upon a time, people made a great discovery by building a telescope and looking through it at the sky: they discovered that the world is huge. It was so huge that people thought it was endless. And if the world is infinite, then either the world is God (for this, among other things, Bruno was burned), or time is infinite, and there is no God, since there is no beginning. And if time is infinite, then it will be enough to implement any scenario, including the achievement of immortality by humanity. As you know, modern science knows both about the finiteness of the universe and that time has a beginning. However, the tradition remained.

  5. The only goal of science is to find out how this or that object (stone, sheep, apple tree, Ivan Petrovich) ACTUALLY happened. The Veruns have the same answer to everything: The Lord made this with his own hands. Therefore, atheism is completely identical with science, and faith is completely contrary to science.

  6. I want to draw your attention to the fact that this atom has an electronic configuration of 1s3, (three s — electrons at a single energy level-the first), and there are no such atoms: no more than two electrons are placed at the first level. The lithium atom has three electrons, but its configuration is 1s22s1 (the third s-electron is located at the second level).

    It seems to me that this is a subtle hint that atheism only pretends to be scientific, creates an impression of its own scientific nature, convincing for the gullible masses.

  7. Because the Dunning-Kruger effect. Ignorant people think that only they were taught the school curriculum, and therefore only they know what is right. And all those who disagree are recorded as ignoramuses. The vast majority of those who appeal to “science”as an argument that refutes religious views know only school textbooks and atheist propaganda from YouTube.

  8. I've always found it funny. Atheists are just as fanatical as religious people. Some deny what they think is not there, while others affirm what exists. Gentlemen, this is ridiculous. And no one can prove their claim. Well, if an atheist proves to me that there is no higher mind, or, on the contrary, a religious fanatic believes in the existence of a higher mind, there is no common sense here. Atheists are also fanatics.

  9. Because a person is limited in the perception of the world around him. For example, we cannot understand and realize infinity. Therefore, the methods of study are built in the image and likeness of our own. People study what God has created by primitive methods. It is unlikely that ants can describe the nature of a tractor, for example, and even more so its creator.

  10. For the reason that atheism is necessary for the technological progress of any society. Science is a place where there are no prejudices, but only dry, bare, cruel facts. In the case of religion — it is a movement based on personal feelings and feelings, exclusively believing in its dogmas, not tolerating dissent, which is not entirely true in terms of progress. If it's raining, you can explain it:
    a) The manifestation of His will, God's providence, which can not be studied, interfere with His will.
    b) Can be explained by the movement of masses of air and further icing of the upper, water-saturated layers.
    In the first case, it is not possible to make forecasts. In the second case, you can try to find out when it will rain next.
    Which is more preferable?
    Hence the apparent contradiction. Religion brought wars, science brought penicillin.
    No, don't think about it.
    Of course, of course, faith in itself is a necessary condition, necessary for humanity to maintain the norms of morality, moral education, which gave a lot, but everything is good in its time.
    It is not for nothing that the word faith itself implies following inner feelings.
    It can be added that many atheists become such not because of their beliefs, but according to the opinion of authoritative people who have decided so, but these are the reasons for a particular person, and not for humanity as a whole.

  11. The fact is that both religion and science are looking for answers to the same questions, but in the case of science, people are trying to give a rational explanation for some phenomena.Thanks to this, we have such technologies, we can save people's lives, drive cars, and simply reheat food in a microwave oven. Religion can only help the state of mind, which is also quite a lot, but this is not suitable for everyone

  12. Because science accurately explains many things. Religion, in turn, does not.
    Because for many people, it is not enough to hear the empty sound in space that God supposedly exists – they turn to such sciences as history, archeology, anatomy, etc.For this. Atheism is the result of human common sense, and not an empty belief in an invisible pink unicorn.
    I am waiting for dislikes from believers, because it is so easy to offend them with simple words :/

  13. Because science is the most authoritative and easiest way to resist mythology, especially its practical attributes-the belief in monarchy, the slave system, or pro – life.

  14. To contrast your worldview with the worldview of religions. By the way, the atom is not an official symbol of atheism. The official symbol is the letter A.

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