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  1. Atheists do not seek to refute their belief in God. They simply describe the world from the point of view of the hypothesis “what if there is no God?” and find answers to questions.

    Believers are offended by this for some reason.

  2. The fact is that the balance of influence of religion (opium for the people) on progress is negative. Sensible people tend to reduce the damage.

  3. I'm probably an atheist – or rather, I don't care if there is one or not. I'm not fighting it – why? Let people believe-it makes them better. However, there are others who believe that God will forgive their sins. If there is a God, he is material. Otherwise, he is an object of your faith, the materiality of which depends on the living materiality of the believer's person.

  4. Thank you to everyone who expressed their opinion on this issue.I understand that a person cannot understand everything about the universe and its creator. But in my opinion, this should be a reason for a person's aspiration to know God, the creator. Rather than being accompanied by a desire to refute its existence.

  5. Atheism is a conscious God-fighting religion. Atheists recognize all the actions of the Divine energies, but they hate both the Creator's Personality and those who recognize or serve Him. Atheism is a very real and, unfortunately, quite fruitful demonic seed.

  6. I am an atheist, believe in the spontaneous generation of life, and am interested in physics. I believe in the existence of the Hubble Space Telescope. I know I'll never see it again, but I believe it exists. He is flying somewhere high in the sky and he sees everything.

    But I do not seek to refute the existence of God. There were a couple of comments when I wrote about why I believe that there is no God, but I did not write this for propaganda, but just expressed my opinion. If people believe in God, then let them believe, usually faith means something good, not bad, and there is no point in separating people from what makes them better. There are people who purposefully refute the existence of God and have a negative attitude towards believers, I do not approve of such behavior, but I usually do not show the desire to scold them for it.

  7. Any sane person believes something on the basis of reliable information and when it is possible to prove the truth or refute the falsity of a statement. For example, you may believe that water boils at different temperatures, depending on atmospheric pressure (in particular). And you can easily check it by going up into the mountains and measuring the readings with instruments.

    Atheism, in itself, is not a dispute with the statement “There is a God”, it is the ability of a person to think analytically in this way. For an atheist, as far as I know, the answer is different – neither that God exists nor that he does not exist are facts, so it is impossible to simply believe in either. Moreover, if you think about it carefully, how do we know about God? From other people, not from God, not from his “manifestations”, but from other people. That is, in fact, we accept the words of another person on faith without checking the authenticity and the proof, often, believers are extremely quack tricks that do not confuse these very believers for a second.

    Your question, in general, sounds like “Why do adults try to refute the existence of Santa Claus?”. And it's even kind of strange to answer it, to be honest)

  8. Do you understand why someone should refute the existence of something that is not present and does not matter to them?

    If the clerics didn't go all out with their gods, they would never have heard “there is no God.”

  9. There are different atheists – those who scoff at the blind believers, and there are those who do not care. Personally, I am one of those who simply understand that people believe in the unknown due to the lack of sufficient development. The main argument of the believer is that if the world exists, then someone had to create it, because the world is so complex. But no one created God with all his power and complexity. The paradox. Nothing prevents the world from being an eternal cyclical process that evolves from primitive to complex and back again, as well as the existence of some incredibly powerful and wise being who decided to create everything because he is great and he got bored.

  10. Because of injustice.

    The state has given believers special rights and feelings. Pays for the maintenance of churches, monasteries, etc.

    Religion is essentially the enemy of human joys and human prosperity, and is nothing more than the art of occupying a man's limited mind with a subject that he cannot understand.

  11. Atheists do not seek to deny the existence of God. How to refute the existence of something that does not exist? Neither practically nor theoretically, since the existence of God clearly contradicts the laws of conservation of matter and energy. It is the believers who believe in the existence of God, without putting forward any evidence. Atheists would only be glad that God exists, since such a powerful force, easily controlled by sincere prayer, can be used with great success in the national economy for the production of consumer goods.

  12. To strive with a goal is not a sin.And to refute God is to take too much on yourself.It means only one thing, you can get worked up.How can atheists refute God if they can't even prove a spherical Earth?

    Perhaps not to refute,but to traditionally deny, God is their fulfillment in the service of Satan. Atheists are predictable in their final outcome.Whether they want to or not,if they deny God,then Satan will deal with them as he sees fit.Such a thing can not be, so that a person is given to be either with God or with the devil.The third is not given.

    Atheistic protrusion in front of people is not worth a rusty nail.We know,we watched the movie “Testimony of a former Satanist” 1-2 episodes.A difficult film, but interesting, for an amateur.We know how it ended.

  13. Not everyone aspires. In different ways : who wants to, and who doesn't. Who has more ? No one knows. And why ? Nothing will change from this.

    Similarly, there are plenty of both among the faithful.

    The desire to refute another point of view ( the existence or absence of God), as well as to give advice (how,why,why to live/act/think, etc.) – there is a subconscious desire to control another person, at the same time to show that his point of view is correct, he “stands higher”, “smarter”, etc. – which is, as believers say, pride. What can be seen from the statements ( believers “I feel sorry for you, you did not comprehend God”, atheists “You are fooled, and we do not want to be fools”, etc.)

  14. – it is likely that God's presence exposes atheists and as in a mirror showing flaws do not want to look – another thing photoshop – can correct some flaws.
    – very few people want to see an auditor in life, and where there are serious shortcomings, all the more so, and on the contrary, those who live correctly are always ready to meet God.
    – an audit is unavoidable.

  15. Man strives to be free, so he denies the existence of God. And what unites a man and a woman? It is clear that the parents of a man and a woman are their parents. All men and women are united by God.

  16. If religion did not seek to feed its apologists, then no one would criticize it. A Pastafarian? Well, that doesn't make me feel bad. But when huge funds are spent on religion from the authorities, in order to strengthen control over taxpayers (and no other!), then there is a need to solve pressing problems and useless spending on building enterprises in the name of a fictional god. by wasting my time in meaningless “service” to me, religion becomes the enemy. The thimble fraudster is not supported by the state. And why is the intermediary from God? Does the government hope that the church will keep the people from revolution? What a fool… Does the experience of 1917 teach you nothing? After all, then there were more churches and all were baptized without exception. And priests were killed. Summary: If priests were more modest in their requests, they would be pitied as crazy and not touched. And since the idea of God is at the heart of religion, then it is necessary to hit the target.

  17. They just don't believe in God, and that's right. And to deny the existence of God is to put pressure on people who believe in him. There is no dispute about faith, as well as about tastes, this is a personal matter for everyone, what to believe in. But why atheists do not believe in God is understandable: it is easy to explain everything by saying that “God created the world”. But then there is a question that cannot be answered: Who created God himself, who gave him the creative power? If no one, where did he come from? And that's it, a dead end.

  18. They are interested primarily from a purely theoretical point of view: is it possible to build a complete picture of the universe without a coordinating intelligent principle? They may also be attracted to the moral implications of such a rebuttal, so that some of them can feel more free and not be tormented by conscience for minor offenses. Finally, someone is interested in refuting the existence of the Almighty simply out of harmfulness, in order to prove something to those who got him in life.

  19. Good day!

    Yes, the confrontation between atheists and believers will probably end only when the inhabitants of the spiritual world will clearly appear to people and show various miracles. These inhabitants, of course, are the dark forces called demons in Christianity. The Book of Revelation of John the Theologian says that it will be in the very last time of the earth's history, when the Antichrist will appear. And most of humanity will bow down to him. That's when I think there won't be any atheists left, although of course it's impossible to say for sure.

    And so we can also say that the impulses of atheists to refute the existence of God come from the desire to establish themselves in the correctness of their life and their thoughts. But this is also true for religious people. The struggle of ideologies has always been and always will be. Believers argue with atheists and other believers about the correctness of their religion, etc. But it also happens, of course, that atheists refute the existence of God in order to offend or humiliate believers. I have personally met people who see believers as backward people who are stuck somewhere in the past. However, there are also believers who humiliate the human dignity of atheists. In general, human sin makes itself felt at this moment. There are other reasons, of course. The human world is a very complex phenomenon, in a word.

  20. Yes, do not strive at all. It simply doesn't exist, and that's all. Religions cannot and do not attempt to provide evidence of its existence. Perhaps in the distant future, humanity will suddenly see a certain plan and artificiality in everything that makes up the universe, and then we will talk about God (and most likely about an entire civilization that has technologies beyond our imagination and knowledge), but so far nothing has been found.

  21. The existence of God is unprovable and irrefutable. It's a matter of faith.

    Only insufficiently educated atheists try to refute the existence of God. Only insufficiently educated believers try to prove it.

  22. The philosophical theories of Modern Times introduced a new experience of knowledge about certain unreal objects and the conversation about them was conducted in an artificial language (linguistic philosophy), which was poorly understood by the uninitiated, while scientists claimed to truly recognize material reality as “the highest truth”. Therefore, such scientific and philosophical linguistics was like a secret act, mysteries. In addition, scientists have openly manipulated facts, corrections, and empirical data to fit theoretical atheistic schemes. Because evolutionists had high hopes for obtaining archiological knowledge from data on human ancestral fossils. Heinz proved that a number of documents are based on forgeries. Evolutionists falsified the remains of” ancient man ” with the bones of an ape, and sculptors created a figure for the museum. S. F. Spencer clearly proved that the hoax was the result of collusion between anthropologists. Dawson and A. Keith (T. Heinz, Creation or Evolution, Chicago, 1990, pp. 11-13). Reproaches for biased selection and manipulation of facts were even made against G. Galileo, I. Newton, and A. L. Louvoisier not to mention ordinary scientists, but in the mass science of the 20th century, falsification and varnishing of experimental data, plagiarism, co-authorship, fraud, etc. have unfortunately become the shadow side of science. Therefore, because of a naive belief in constant scientific progress, credulity has spread in society, that is, a non-critical attitude towards sensational press reports about scientific progress and poorly proven research results. At the same time, scientists – priests and religious figures were not always distinguished by high intelligence and therefore gave rise to ridicule and fair criticism. In this regard, this view of the world contributed to the formation of an atheistic worldview.

  23. I'm an atheist. I have never met a single atheist who wants to prove the absence of God. Rather, it is the religious who want to prove its existence.

    I'm going to say a strange thing. If we are talking about faith in God, then we should decide on faith in which God? The one that the Church gives us, or the one that the Bible tells us about? If you read the Bible carefully and think about every word and “replay” every scene in your mind,you will see a very different picture.

    I did a little research on manna from heaven. It turns out that this manna was not really there. This is the people who were brought out of Egypt, saw so simple food-bread and meat-instead of the expected peddlers. So the church God and the Bible God are two different things.

  24. In the criminal world, there is such a thing as “Cover up”… This is when a person tries to involve another person in his crime, so as not to worry about his own life and reputation… In psychology, this is called “Projection” , when a person projects himself, not voluntarily or even consciously, onto another, thereby noticing in others what is in himself and naturally not only negative, and when he wants to see only himself in others, he believes that it is his lifestyle or behavior that is worthy of imitation, etc . In religions, this is simply called “Pride”, thus they seek to justify their own ignorance and laziness to develop…. They say they already know everything better than others…

  25. Fools are trying to refute this. For it is impossible to refute what does not exist.

    There is an unshakable rule of life – denial is not proved, only facts are proved.

    Where is the fact of God's existence? Only in your assumptions. What your mind has drawn. Your inductive logical conclusions. Because deductive logic immediately puts you in a dead end – there is a logical chain, but at the end of it there is no REAL God, he is only in thoughts, in stories, empty logical conclusions.

    Therefore, atheists are somewhat similar to your religion – some try to prove that It exists, others prove the opposite. THERE IS NO OBJECT, NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT

  26. Probably, because every person at least tries to justify the correctness of their actions, words and thoughts. And when he was able to convince someone of his rightness, then his confidence in his rightness increases. Because if someone else thinks the same, it's some external confirmation that you're right. It seems to me that this applies not only to the atheist, but to any person in general, including not in matters of faith.

  27. Because you will be offended, as some strive for greater profit regardless of conscience, and others because they are not the right orientation!

    Scientists who believe in God are the angels of our time, and scientists who promote atheism are the devils of our time!

  28. .. you can answer simply atheist-behind the wall of disbelief, …
    … for the fact that they were brought up like this and arguing on the Internet fields is just a drive, everyone hides their reckless mistakes from God and people, and is ready to spread other mistakes around the world, which is why it is noticed by the people, the thief shouts loudest – stop the thief.
    – that's why the pike is in the river so that the crucian carp does not doze off.
    – denial of the truth is a temporary phenomenon, in due time there will be enough such examples to repent.

  29. No one will ever be able to prove the existence or absence of God if we take him as an abstract Higher Intelligence.

    In this sense, all people, including atheists, can be considered believers.

    Atheists oppose improbable religious events, which the clergy themselves call ” miracles.” When humanity is fully aware of this and stops believing in such events, then all religions on earth will cease to exist.

  30. And why should we believe in the existence of God? In the Bible, it is openly written that God has withdrawn from all earthly affairs. Which means that for Earthlings, God ceased to exist after the seventh day of His creation of the Material World. You See, P O H I L! It's gone. Fuck off.

    Now, let's talk about the semantic meaning of the idea of GOD.

    GOD is the Creator and Creator(not the destroyer and not the punisher). Creating everything at the level of “Everything is very good”. God is when there is harmony, Peace, mutual understanding, the process of improvement is created.

    Please tell me,is there something similar to the idea of God on Earth,or not?

    God, we must create – all of us,

    The Bible says, “Ask and it will be given to you,” and we don't even know the meaning of the idea of God. And how to ask? When some people believe, others don't.most people doubt it.There is no consent. As a result, a general request for finding God cannot be formed.

  31. To prove the absence of God for earthlings should not be. This is what the Bible itself openly says: “And he rested (and was no more.died,ceased to exist) from all His works, which God created and created.”

    The attempts of atheists are in vain.

    There is no God, but we need HIM!

    GOD is the idea of Creation,Creation,Perfection and Development, Peace and Harmony.

  32. For the same reason that ordinary people expose fraudsters, charlatans … etc. who profit from other people's stupidity .. this is called decency .

  33. Reasons, as always more than one.
    The main one, which, in my opinion, is joined by others, is the need and desire to be free.
    Although there can be no complete freedom anywhere, because there are dependencies in nature at every step, but sufficient freedom for relative comfort is the desired minimum.
    If a person does not have enough freedom from any side, then he will naturally seek it.
    Very much at one time certain church leaders infringed on the freedom of people, so they developed a strong aversion to their “care” for people.
    The idea is not bad – all people are brothers, they should help each other. But most often, church structures did quite the opposite. And today, too, there are many figures who are more self-serving than fraternally caring.
    A good analogy is hogweed. Borscht was brought to the USSR to be useful, and it was reborn and began its selfish conquest of territories.
    So the church, in its degenerate state, did not help, but began to select.
    This is where people apparently began to have strong doubts about whether we need such great servants of God who sell indulgences and threaten the inquisition. Did Christ teach this at all?
    Therefore, as soon as there was a chance, people tried to get rid of such pharisaism, and at the same time decided that God was not real either.
    Further, since the hogweed (false church) clearly does not live up to expectations, and they finally decided to fight its dominance, and the effective way to fight the hogweed is to hit only the roots and seeds, then, therefore, it is necessary to remove the root – to prove that there is no God.

    As the Bible itself says, by Jesus Himself: “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”
    That's right, if hogweed brought benefits, then what is the point of destroying it?
    But he only grows for himself, and even harms, threatens with his venom.

    So God is discredited through the fault of false servants of the church, who instead of freedom carry inconvenient burdens to people. They don't understand what's being said:

    So atheism has become that means of fighting the false church authorities. If it is difficult to find the law in the church, then it is necessary to look for it in another place. So people are looking for liberation everywhere, but not where they could not get it.

    And why did the pagan Nebuchadnezzar struggle with faith in the true God in his time?
    The servants of God have departed from the truth, so God allowed Nebuchadnezzar to defeat them.
    Therefore, as long as the church serves itself, and not others, by God's command, He will remind atheists that He is not with them.

    We have forgotten Isaiah the first chapter:”…Why do I need your many sacrifices? Says the Lord. …”
    Did Jesus serve as a priest in the Temple?
    No. He walked and did good. This is the ministry – ” learn to do good …”
    He was even reproached for healing on the Sabbath, when the service should be held, and not take care of the sick.
    How much is written in Acts about how the apostles conducted services in the Temple? Almost nothing. What about helping people? Very much.
    But we have the opposite – there are a lot of services, but there is little help for people – man-made temples are in gold, and non-man-made ones are forgotten and abandoned.
    Priests help on camera-ostentatiously.

    So it's not just like that. I should think about it.

  34. The position of an atheist is similar to that of a schizophrenic. I'll explain, you'll see for yourself.

    A person declares that they don't believe in something. But it doesn't have any idea about this object. How can he not believe in it? Very simple. He invents a certain image for himself and declares that he does not believe in it. Is this not schizophrenia?

    The position of an atheist is unscientific, paradoxical as it may sound for atheists themselves. A scientist is a person who seeks to understand the Truth. It is objective. He doesn't care what the truth is – he wants to know it that way. what it is. But the atheist is initially in a one-sided subjective position-he claims that he does not want to know the truth if it is connected with God. Checkmate.

    Then you can actually answer the question. Since an atheist is a person who is subjectively opposed to God (which he does not even want to recognize), it can be concluded that he hates God. That is, he once had a conflict with God. Like a child whose parents didn't give him candy, he says, “I don't have a father anymore, and I don't want to know about him, don't even mention it.”

    Food for thought. It's just logical and scientific.

  35. Sort of… They do not seek to refute, because for an atheist, the absence of God is obvious. They are trying to bring the “light of scientific knowledge “to the world, drawn from videos on YouTube, in the public pages of “atheist” and from books and speeches of popularizers of science. And just trolling believers, like any other kind of trolling, is fun for trolls.

  36. Let's say that you and your friend have found some unknown device, and you don't know what it is and what it was created for, and your friend asks who knows how and what it was created for? What will you say to him? You will answer that the creator, creator or inventor of this device knows this, yes? So when did we discover that the moon does not emit light, but only reflects light from the sun? 50 or 100 years ago? It was written in the Qur'an 1440 years ago

    Who would have known about this 1,440 years ago?

    When did we learn that the sun moves around its axis? Maximum 50 years ago

    this is also written in the holy Qur'an, who could have known about it 1440 years ago?

    in the 1700s, I don't remember exactly, a group of scientists proved that the universe was formed from fog and an explosion occurred, and that all living things were created from water,

    This is also written in the Qur'an, who could have known about it 1440 years ago?

    In ancient times, people thought that the earth is flat, but then some traveler made a circumnavigation or travel and proved that the earth is round, and not long ago we learned that the earth is not completely round, and not much flattened, the Koran says that the earth has the shape of an egg, one of the meanings of the word “Dahaha” in Arabic indicates an ostrich egg, which corresponds to the shape of the earth

    who would have known about this 1,440 years ago? I can write to you for hours about the proofs that the Qur'an is the word of the One and great Allah who has no equal and who existed before the beginning of time and who has no end, who existed before the creation of the world. 80% of the Qur'an corresponds to modern science, and the remaining 20% is not proven but completely irrefutable, that is, it is not known who could have known about it 1440 years ago? The Creator, the Creator, and this is the God that we Muslims call Allah.

  37. And who told you that atheists strive for this?

    Atheists are absolutely purple in the concept of ” God.”

    Remember the story about how Pierre Laplace presented Napoleon Bonaparte with his theory of the scientific picture of the universe, the surprised emperor exclaimed:

    • But I don't see God here!

    • Sire, I don't need that hypothesis! Laplace replied.

    For some reason, the churchmen do not like to remember this name very much!

    In the same way, modern atheists do not need this primitive hypothesis, which believers have been trying to prove for thousands of years, but cannot. But they still try to impose it on the world!

    It is this stupid attempt of believers to prove something that does not exist that atheists make fun of!

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