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  1. Unfortunately, wanting isn't enough. Besides you, there are 7 billion people on this planet, and they all want something. If you want to achieve something , you need to work, and work hard.�

    Do you want to find a job? You won't find it, because “we'll call you back”.

    Don't get hired? Apparently, the resume is not as attractive to the employer as we would like. Develop your existing skills and acquire new ones. You need to be competitive.�

    Do you dream of becoming an esportsman (yes, I still dream of becoming an esportsman) and winning an international? But no, this will not happen.

    To reach the level, it is not enough to play calmly for a couple of hours a day. Esports today is a serious discipline in which you need to invest almost all your resources, including time and finances, to achieve anything.�

    Do you want to find a girl? But I can't, because I'm a fucking loser who doesn't even have anything to talk about.

    There is nothing to talk about just because there is probably nothing going on in your life that is worth paying attention to. If you were serious about getting a job or studying, it could already help on the personal front.�

    Here, no one will help you but yourself.

  2. Maybe you want too much? A gaming computer with a core i9, 4RTX 2080, 128 GB of RAM, and everything you can think of backlit? Or do you want an island in the ocean with a hotelier?
    It is necessary not to want, it is necessary to receive-go to your goal, if you sit instead of achieving goals and think that you are a loser – you will not achieve anything. If you want a computer, earn money on it, persuade your parents (promise to study hard and fulfill your promise). If you want to get a girlfriend, look for a suitable girl, try to get acquainted – improve and do not give up. There is nothing to talk about – I doubt it, you do not live in an information vacuum and you are interested in something other than dota, however, if you try, you can find yourself a dotershu with whom you can discuss the game. And so, monetochka has released a new single-discuss it with the girl. If you want a sporty body, do sports. If you want to win an International tournament, then upgrade your skills, build a team, go to tournaments and try to win. If you are too lazy to achieve all this, then the question arises – do you really want it? �
    If you want a separate apartment and live alone, wait until you finish school, then go to university (not necessarily) and get a job, rent a house on your salary and live alone. I know people who work far from the most lucrative jobs and still rent a house. Then you can take out a mortgage if you want to fully own it. So you have achieved your goal. What's wrong with living with your parents? If you can't get a job, try again and look for a job where you are ready to take it without experience.

    1. You are waiting in line for another window

    2. You didn't fill out the application form carefully

    3. What gives you what you want is much more in the know about what you want

    4. Russian post

    5. You just want to and don't start doing it

    6. It's over

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