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  1. The feature of the sleep disorder you describe resembles the model of so-called chronic inorganic insomnia. It is formed as follows.

    Initially, a person has some reasons for poor sleep. Stress, illness, lack of certain vitamins and trace elements, low physical activity – insomnia can have about a hundred causes. Sometimes a person can't even say why they don't sleep well: the reasons are invisible to them.

    One way or another, he begins to have problems with sleep: for example, he wakes up at night, just like you. A person does not sleep well for a day, a week, a month – and the “new” sleep pattern is fixed in him, like a habit. Neural connections in the brain are rearranged in such a way that a person already starts automatically, by itself, to wake up at night.

    Wrong attempts to help yourself most often contribute to the consolidation of this conditioned reflex: falling asleep after a sleepless night, actively trying to fall asleep, being in bed in the absence of drowsiness, daytime sleep, reduced physical activity, caffeine consumption, taking sleeping pills, and much more.

    As a result of all this, chronic inorganic insomnia is formed, which can exist on its own for years or decades. Sometimes the cause has long since lost its relevance, but insomnia persists anyway…

    Worldwide, the first treatment for such insomnia is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It restores the normal functioning of the systems responsible for sleep, eliminates “bad habits” that support insomnia, teaches the correct regime, relaxation techniques, and the correct attitude to insomnia. About 80% of patients successfully restore sleep with CBT without the need for pills.

    Contact a sleep therapist who specializes in insomnia treatment to understand the true origin of your insomnia and get effective treatment!

    If you have a mild case, and you want to help yourself, I recommend the books: R. V. Buzunov, S. A. Cherkasova ” How to overcome insomnia. Healthy sleep in 6 weeks” and R. V. Buzunov “Tips for healthy sleep”.

  2. Maybe you don't get too tired during the day, so you sleep fitfully. Maybe just a feature of your body during the change of seasons, weather conditions, and so on.

  3. There is an obvious presence of stress or depressive moods. You may have an incorrect diet or daily routine. Spend more time on physical activity and walking in the fresh air and everything will fall into place!

  4. The human system is a micro-universe in the macro-universe of our space, so the universe has its own rhythms and synchronizations in a hierarchical order, so the “wheel” of energies is attuned. Depending on the planetary parallels on which a person lives and the response of consciousness perception, synchronization with the energies of the universal rhythm with your inner body rhythm occurs at different times, but mainly from 3.00 to 3.40 at night. At these moments, it is possible to receive and conduct the maximum of cosmic energy, which is like a connection with the universal heartbeat in unison. The best time to meditate and communicate with the higher world!
    Use this time for self-discovery, become all one in unity, and listen to the music of the spheres.

  5. I also suffered from this.
    I woke up at 4:00 exactly every day.
    Most likely, you have disturbing thoughts in your subconscious that require you to be aware of them.
    Because of this, the body is also very restless, and therefore normal sleep disappears.
    You either need a distraction/rest, or you need to put your thoughts in order.
    You can try herbal sedatives/sleeping pills.

  6. Go to the doctor, and think about what you are doing in your life is not right, not natural for a person, there are many reasons, the only advice is to go to a doctor, therapist or pediatrician )

  7. I had it too, only I woke up at 2 am, for 4 months it was like this, sleep alone, without dogs, cats, any noise, close the door.When you wake up, think about a big cake, a holiday, a very pleasant one, caviar sandwiches, etc.And do not get up anywhere, do not drink a lot of fluids at night.

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