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  1. Not being a liberal, I will answer myself:)

    Modern liberalism in Russia is the renaissance of Bolshevism. We haven't had it yet. I hope that the number of adherents of the liberal religion in Russia will decrease in the light of recent events.

  2. There is a very big difference between respecting the right of others to their own point of view and respecting the opinion of others as such. And those who criticize conditional “liberals” obviously do not feel this difference. A different position may be frankly stupid and unfounded (such as” There is a God”,” Putin is well done”,” vaccinations are evil”,” Stalin is an effective manager”), and I will gladly ridicule it. But I still don't deny a person the right to say stupid things. If he wants to, it's up to me to contradict him, and not so much for his sake as for the other witnesses to the conversation, so that they don't accidentally pick up this nonsense.

  3. It's very simple – because they are not liberals.

    The very definition of political liberalism given by John Rawls speaks about the search for consensus between carriers of different ideas about ideology, religion, and morality as the cornerstone of liberalism.

    The “liberals” believe that the consensus is that they are right.

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