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  1. Existentialists should be treated normally. As a logical and necessary stage in philosophy. Bright, but short-term. In the context of the history of philosophy, existentialism died when poststructuralism was born. It turned out that pure existence-the object of the hopes and aspirations of existentialists-is practically unattainable. More precisely, we will never be able to understand, but is this really pure existence? Or perhaps we are once again bogged down in the external structures of culture/morality or the internal unconscious. However, the questions raised have not gone away, they are still relevant for all those who are doomed to live and die in this world. So, they don't like non-existentialist philosophers. They don't like fans.

    Existentialism, or rather, quasi-existentialism, has become a trend among teenagers. Every second teenager aged 14-18 has read Sartre and considers it necessary to inform everyone about it. The dubious reputation of existentialists as singers of corruption, despair and hopelessness is very good for puberty. As a result, we got a crowd of people who, at every opportunity, ask “Do you have five minutes to talk about our Lord Jean-Paul Sartre?”.�

    The insistence on “Sartre-Camus-Sartre-Camus” from all sides is obviously irritating. When two French men from La Fleur Cafe are called in to justify a teenage crisis, it causes nothing but a tired sigh.

    There's nothing wrong with existentialist philosophers, great guys. But they did not find any definitive answers, and the history of philosophy and thought did not end there. And fans, as always, spoil the impression of the object of their adoration. So there were existentialists in the same company with pants with doorways, Pokemon, vaping and everything else.

    P. S. eight years ago, I was so obsessed with Sartre and Camus that I ended up writing two-thirds of my degree about them. So I described myself above, only a little younger.

  2. Many people do not like a lot of things at all. Existentialists are not alone in this regard. Philosophy is not much fun for many people. For those who have the time and desire to read and reread the works of philosophers, reflect on what they read, lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling.

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