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  1. The reasons may be different. But usually drinking is an easy way to change your state and mood. It is not necessary to invent some interesting classes and topics for conversation to make it interesting. You can discuss some nonsense and it will be interesting, or start breeding some demogogy or philosophy that is not particularly interesting to discuss sober, etc. Also, in a drunken state, a person may be drawn to some entertainment that would seem boring to him sober. Music and movies in this state can be perceived differently, which is also an additional entertainment. Even in this state, a person may become more relaxed and it is easier for him to get acquainted and communicate with the opposite sex. And with friends, the conversation can be more heartfelt. Also, in this state, girls seem more beautiful. In some cases, alcohol can temporarily reduce some mental problems, etc. In general, much of what I have listed can be done without drinking, but many people find it easier to drink than to try to achieve it sober.

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