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  1. Why certain people like to play is a question for these people. The answers can be very different. And, in my opinion, it is a mistake to focus on gender here. Not all men like to play computer games, and it's not just men who do.

    If some women (again, this problem does not happen only to women) make a” problem ” out of their partner's hobbies, which are outside their borders, then there is only one way to solve it – to deal with yourself, correct the boundaries and stop climbing into someone else's territory.

    In practice, such people usually start scandalizing and manipulating, trying to influence their partner, which turns their life together into hell with mutual cooling, which can end in divorce. Also a solution 🙂

  2. Games themselves are a way to relax and distract yourself. They do not differ from any other hobbies – someone swings every day, someone builds mechanisms, someone teaches any research, someone likes to play, someone is fond of football (just watching or playing), someone listens to music, someone is engaged in dancing, someone likes to smoke and drink. Everyone finds something to do that they devote a lot of time to, because they enjoy it. Games are just one of these activities that gives emotions to a person.

  3. Answering the first part of the question, let me remind you that men are inherently more adventurous than women, and games give them the excitement that they lack in real life (but not all games, of course).

    Regarding the second part of the question-why is this, in fact, a problem? I mean, it's okay for your man to go out drinking with the boys every Friday and Saturday; it's okay for him to go out in the garage every Saturday; and it's okay for him to go out in clubs at night. But when he sits and plays games at home, that's all, asshole.

    Dear ladies, if you are married to a man who plays games and you don't like it, then you seem to have a problem. Because I had to think with my head. I don't understand why these ladies try to dissuade their man from playing games, put some conditions like “either me or the computer”. That is, it is better that the man was not at home, than when he silently (!) sits at home regularly?

    It's also a good thing for a woman to understand and share her man's passion. Believe me, this is much better than scandals, and games are not such a deadly hobby to nag your man because of it.

    But if we are talking about addiction, when a man gives up on everything and plays, then the question is already for you, dear ladies, why did you choose such a person?

    I play games myself (since I was a kid, it just so happens), and my man plays. There have never been any conflicts about the fact that one of us is a gamer. You just need to appreciate the hobby of your loved one and respect him as a person (a favorite, of course, and not a hobby).

  4. I can't say for all the men. I love and look for different things in games: when the plot, when a non-tense shooter, when a complex strategy, when a sandbox with a rich setting like Skyrim. Games are a way for me to relax and switch things up.

    I also devote time to MMORPG, the difficulty lies in the fact that it takes three hours per session, it is impossible to interrupt (read, put on pause), since you spend most of the session in a team — in PVP or raid.

    My girlfriend and I came up with a simple compromise. There are three days a week when I am busy in the game for three hours, all the rest of the time is at her disposal)) In general, we both somehow understand that in a relationship it is necessary that everyone has their own personal space and free time for some of their interests.
    The main thing is not to devote too much time to games, so to speak, not to be maniacal, because so no super-duper game will replace reality, and relationships that are not paid attention to, which are not worked on and developed, will simply die.

  5. Men are more adventurous than women . And they start living in games (Literally). If your husband is a nerd , scare him that you don't have enough money for internet , food , etc., or move in with your mother for 1-2 weeks , and your husband will finally understand the precious time !

  6. It seems to me that it is high time to divide addiction to games into two categories.
    Some people like games like movies, books, or music and appreciate the atmosphere, story, characters, diverse gameplay, and fresh emotions and sensations in games.

    Others like to gamble, such as CS or DOTA, or tanks, so that there is a competitive spirit and a high from coordinated actions of the team and victory.

    By the way, even our teacher at uni distinguished such people, I remember starting to talk about tanks in a couple of classes, then he stopped and said that he had forgotten that tanks were played in another group, but here they are more in FarCry 3 or Assassin Creed.

    And if your spouse falls into the second category, then give them a lot of problems and challenges in real life, let them have a reason for real experiences, rather than ” leaked another skating rink; this time you can't lose, Tim dno, etc.”.

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