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  1. I will answer as a girl also exposed to this problem.�

    In fact, there are many reasons, but as for me, there is one main one – the incomplete correspondence of “cover girls”.�

    The ideals you see every day but can't reach. Everywhere you look, you see pretty girls with skinny legs and a cute face, and then you look in the mirror and oops, it's not the same as the cover. And even if you are beautiful, the “not so beautiful as her” is stored in your head.�

    Girls spend more time in front of the mirror, but the longer you look at it, the more flaws you find. Even if they are small and insignificant, the overall picture is completely ugly. Over time, such thoughts are deposited by balls in our brain and reflexively looking in the mirror or thinking about your appearance before your eyes becomes a picture not of true reality, but of a disfigured fiction that seems real.�

    There is even such a psychological trick to increase self-esteem. To stand near the mirror and say what a good fellow you are and in general the beauty is complete.�

    The environment also makes a big contribution. It can be noticed that children (especially girls) who were brought up with praises and praises about their beauty very rarely grow up to be unsure of their appearance, but on the contrary, even if their external and internal data do not correspond to what they were told from childhood.�

    Lack of confidence in your appearance is the result of a long process, which, unfortunately, is much easier to achieve than the opposite of confidence.

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