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  1. Why don't you ask them?

    Just keep in mind that the Qur'an is not the only source of Islam. There are also Sunnah traditions (hadiths) about the actions and judgments of Muhammad, reflected in many more or less authoritative collections (Bukhari, Nawawi, Muslim, etc.). Muslim theologians say that without the Sunnah one cannot understand the Koran. Some hadiths abrogate (nash) the legal validity of certain verses The Koran. And it is certainly impossible to understand many features of Islam as a religion without the Sunnah.

  2. they don't really protect anything, because they don't know what to protect.

    They simply show aggression towards those who seem weaker to them. This is their natural, unconscious state.

  3. fans are fans why read the Quran. there is a Muslim tradition, a custom of our ancestors. in general, as taught and stand. well done guys keep it up. We can't do that

  4. Because the Koran is written in ancient Arabic and is not translated into various languages of the world. Go learn Old Arabic first, then read and understand, then interpret and don't become a heretic. Very big job.

  5. 99% of people didn't read the Bible or the Koran, but it would be useful! I didn't study it, but I read it! These books were ahead of their time, maybe our time! Humanity did not understand what the Almighty gave, he gave the word, and this word was not used by man at all as the creator bequeathed! These books are worth reading regardless of religious or national affiliation!

  6. Because religion is, de facto, an indicator of self-identification: I am a Tatar, I am an Uzbek, and so on, and the terms “reading”, “studying” are definitely not for the general public.

    I think in the vast majority of cases, this is the only perfectly healthy behavior: religion as a marker and an answer to the question: “Who am I? Who are my ancestors?” and the answer “I am a Muslim”, in principle, is enough, and everyday life does not require accurate knowledge of theology and additional reasons for self-admiring your own ” I “or separating yourself from Society, such as” You are all mudo..vona, and I am the queen! ” (the first thing that comes to mind, you will agree, is “The Parable of the Publican and Pharisee”).

    By the way, why is the majority only Muslim? Orthodox, Jews and so on, do you think, from a different test?

    I assure you-one to one. This is the norm, and problems will begin when everyone stops working and starts reading and praying continuously. Remember, after all, what happens when certain “cults”, “sects” begin?!

  7. It all depends on the work of the hazrat of a particular mosque. When I lived in Oktyabrsky (the Republic of Bashkortostan), Rustam-hazrat and Isma'il-hazrat conducted conversations, taught reading the Quran, Friday sermons gathered a lot of young people, you could come to the mosque at any time and get ALL the answers to ALL the questions. Yes, and the ENTIRE Ummah read the Qur'an.

  8. A significant number of Muslims do not defend their religion, but adhere to attacks on believers of other faiths. I don't know a single Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist who does nothing but criticize other faiths.

    The people of the World, no matter how different they may be, are busy building peace in the soul, in the family, with their neighbors, and providing food on earth and spiritually.

    And loafers usually just scratch their tongues and wave their fists. Or they slander those who don't care about their chatter.

  9. Because some people no longer have any indendification for pride other than religion. If the same West has technology, economics, medicine, then some Pakistani has nothing, and he is trying to show his elevation to the achievements of the West with his religion. But the problem is that living according to this very religion further aggravates the separation from the West, or the peoples of the Far East, in the form of China and Japan.

  10. Arabic is very complex…Some words have 27 meanings and it depends on how they are interpreted…You won't believe it, in 2015 I met a guy who converted to Islam(Alexander Alexandrovich Martinenko) according to the documents, but called himself Said, a native of Nizhnevartovsk..So that's how he interpreted Islam as something…He himself studied under some old alim (a learned Arabist)…Muslims who studied in madrasas (like the Arab Institute) listened to it with their ears open.A person was able to present, interpret, and bring it to people correctly.correctly.He said that to understand the Qur'an, you need to absorb this language with your mother's milk…He told them, if you don't speak Arabic perfectly, then you can't say what exactly…From not knowing the language is sometimes interpreted incorrectly…One example he gave them:A man who had studied and read the Qur'an for 40 years came to Alim(an Arab scholar), who had studied for 60 years and was interested in some questions that he did not understand.The deceased told him that he would not answer this question, because he was afraid of making a mistake.The bottom line, sensible people never state categorically…

  11. I can't answer, but I can comment. The situation with understanding the Quran there is appalling! Most of them don't even realize that the coming of Isa the prophet is the Second Coming of Jesus among Christians. Rampant literalism reigns, that is, the allegory that Allah drags into paradise by the ears is taken literally!!! not allegorically – that through listening to the saints, God drags you into paradise, that is, raises you above the mundane/earthly/carnal bringing you closer to the spiritual, but literally, like if there are no ears, Allah will not be able to draw you into paradise.

    Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that it is still a relatively young religion. Here we must understand that in the history of Christianity there was a period of a certain formalism, and the fulfillment of the letter, instead of understanding the Sacred texts and their interpretation. This situation is not everywhere, and there are also quite a deep analysis of the Koran, perhaps there are also future Aurelius Augustines with their own specifics. But today's mass/average situation is depressing

  12. They are suckling in the interpretation of the Qur'an that they have been hammering into the heads of their ancestors for hundreds of years. Contempt and hatred for the gentiles and slavish submission to those who have kamcha in their hands. If Europeans were able to answer the question of who needs God, then Muslims have such a question banned. Humanity needs God in order to have someone to blame for its own sins. stupidity, cruelty, greed.

  13. Because they are able to yell loudly, like Nurmugamedov and threaten others, but most of them just can't read, they don't need it, they don't need it in mountain villages, and they don't like literacy itself, but they like to live in complete ignorance, and most importantly they don't care about the Koran, just for show they refer to it

  14. Have many people, particularly Russians, read the Bible or the New Testament? And if you read it, then you understood it? In a nutshell, in fact, many rituals are strange and often smack of Satanism. For example the rite of communion eat my flesh drink my blood this is mental CANNIBALISM!!! What kind of paradise can we talk about after that

  15. When I talk to Muslims, I don't notice their religious ignorance. Yes, there is certainly one God ,but we do not all worship the same one . Orthodox Christians consider Jesus Christ to be the Lord,who became God Incarnate and descended to earth not only to reveal himself and his teaching to people ,but also to save them through His Sacrificial and Saving death on the Cross, which saves us. When He came down from the Cross, He destroyed hell and drove out Satan from there, and brought out the righteous from there,and raised up many in those days. Read the Orthodox Scriptures. Study it.. Well, Muslims do not recognize Jesus Christ as God, but consider him a prophet.Therefore, the question arises-Do we pray to God alone?. This is a contradiction. Muslims understand this.But Christians are not always… You need to be who you are, not seem to be who you are not.

  16. Because to read the Qur'an, you need to know Arabic, and translations into other languages are just an interpretation of the Qur'an! This is like knowing the Gospel not from the canonical text, but from its interpretation by different authors. And then it turns out, as in a joke. “Big deal, Caruso! No voice at all, and sings past the notes! — Have you been to his concert? “Why?” Rabinovich sang to me on the phone!” And how many people who consider themselves Orthodox have read the Gospel? And how many of those who oppose amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation have read this Constitution, or at least held it in their hands?

  17. Religion is a tool for controlling people. Be believers! Believe in what you have. In the sun, earth, rain, wind. Believe in your father and mother, in your ancestors. In their life experience, which should be passed down from generation to generation. Don't make a cult out of gold , money, or wealth. Don't lend money at an interest rate. Earn money by honest labor, for your kind (race). Do good, say good, think good. All the best to good people.

  18. They are believers in one God, in Heaven, Hell, and the Day of Judgment….. Even if they can't read the Qur'an, observe what is in Islam, but they know that it is the truth.

  19. The same bullshit with believers in other religions. Even atheists are infected with it. They're militant!!!
    This suggests that it is not a matter of a particular religion. The point is in the upbringing and education of a person.
    In any case, a person believes all his life. Some in the sun, others in love…still others in snickers…that's not the point. It is important to understand that all faiths help people live, and none of them is better or worse than others. Something like that…but this is my opinion.

  20. It's like modern fashion. It is observed in most young people. Older people, due to their experience, intelligence, and simply the presence of Faith in the Almighty, do not put on display. I think so)! Peace and good to all!

  21. One might think that most Orthodox Christians are more familiar with the Gospel and its meaning than most Muslims are with the Koran. And they fiercely defend it simply because it is their faith. Faith is always emotional. To have faith, it is enough to be born, and it is already waiting for you. Only a few educated people over the years come to understand what faith is. And this understanding has little to do with simple upbringing within a certain confessional culture. But a child from childhood should be psychologically protected by some religion. Not fanatical, not obsessive, but as if accompanying him in everyday life, like a guide who teaches what is “good” and what is “bad”.

  22. I am more surprised by how fiercely they defend their religion, but at the same time go to live in the same Germany, which is far from them both in culture and in faith, and in which for them “everything is not this and everything is not so” , except for social payments.

  23. Why create scientists, educate your children in culture, invent something, the main thing is to pray several times a day, even the Karan does not need to be read. A fanatical belief that overshadows reason and reality, it is often above the laws of other states where it is possible to commit crimes. America has not just built military bases in the east, they can be controlled, terrorists can be sent to slaughter, and they are ready to go to die from a bad mind.

  24. The word Muslim translates as QUIET, MEEK.Islam allows Muslims not to read the Qur'an,the main thing is to believe without reading it, and to pray(talk to God) five times a day.That is, the study of Karan is replaced by a conversation (mentally) with God.That is, the task of a Muslim is not to understand the Qur'an, but to put (drive) God into his thoughts,into his head.And who needs the meaning of Karan,you can't touch it.

  25. Because excessive and fanatical faith in Allah, passed on by parents and friends of the country. But…….. Countries that have the most religion of Islam, do not grow up nuclear engineers biologists physicists scientists and so on, they have no time to do this if you need to pray a lot, unfortunately this is so.

  26. Yes, this is a common occurrence. Remember how you feel when someone tells you no, you're wrong: the first thing you want to do is stand up for your worldview. And even if you put all the logic of Socrates and Archimedes on such a person, he will only defend himself even more fiercely, moreover, he will believe even more strongly in his rightness.
    In addition, when you start to put pressure on a person's faith, the protection automatically works, saying that Allah wants to test him (a Muslim) in this way,so he will only rest.
    As for why they don't read the Qur'an, I don't think the believer sees any need for it. The main thing for them is to believe, which means that Allah is with them, so why complicate things further

  27. Muslims , compared to Orthodox Christians, know the Koran better and honor God . if they were given our harlot women, they would stop honoring their faith and turn into us, humiliated and persecuted in the inequality of the sexes, where a man is a trash who can easily be thrown out on the street and take away his children and property ,such as we have more than half, divorced.

  28. This young religion is for indoctrinated people, of whom there are many among the outcasts of the social institutions of modern society, they need to prove something there, but “what is allowed to the bull…” Is the usual sectarianism to the Christian religion. The usual belief in the spirits and deities of the Arabs in opposition to the Christian canons, using a Christian iconostasis.

  29. Since not all Muslims have enough knowledge to answer questions correctly. Some people just say it like that, and it's like that. Without putting yourself in the shoes of the person who asks the question. I'm a Muslim myself. But I admit that 60% of the Muslims of my brothers blindly just believe what they are told.
    To understand correctly, you need to contact a knowledgeable person to give a good context, when it was, where, and why. And not just to say it like this and it's like this. For example, watch the lectures of Zakir Naik, Hasan Ali, Bilal and others.Hopefully answered the question

  30. Because it is difficult to read the Qur'an, from the point of view that it must be read correctly. And it was even more difficult to understand the meaning until recently, because one Arabic word can have up to 40 meanings and therefore it was possible to interpret it incorrectly. But fortunately, we have now released a translation of the meanings of the Quran, which was worked on by more than 40 Islamic scholars and now anyone can read it. But in fact, everything that Muslims need to know is described in the sciences of correct belief, about the law of Isoam, hadith and many others, and all of them are based on the Koran. A good Muslim who knows his own religion will not criticize followers of other religions, but will simply try to talk about his own, showing respect for others.

  31. Isn't that how Orthodox priests behave? The negativity and unacceptability of any other faith, the active squeezing out of the territory of the state, the struggle for power and money. They've forgotten about God, and they don't keep their covenants either

  32. You probably haven't personally communicated with sheikhs or imams, etc.?? a true Muslim or a normal person will not argue with you about Islam or Christianity if you want to know more, read the book close to Islam Muslims are not perfect Islam is perfect!!And it is not for nothing that famous people who have achieved more in this world (non-believers) than you and I have accepted Islam

  33. Everyone should protect their religion, regardless of whether you are a Muslim or a Christian, even if you do not observe everything that is written in the Koran and the Bible, this is my opinion.

  34. Some of them, whatever religion you don't give them, will get fucked up. Christianity is mainly found in developed countries. In Africa, even Christians are terrorists. Masulmanism is younger and is going through the period of the “Crusades”. Plus the countries/peoples are wild and poorly educated. And besides, we only see the inadequate ones, the adequate ones do not attract attention.

  35. For example, I read The New Testament,but I work for a secular organization, and there are many contradictions. I “feel”, and this becomes a barrier to understanding meaning, that is, feeling is a barrier.

  36. Islam is a young religion that spun off from Judaism. And you have to be an Arab to understand what is said in the Koran, but there is no translation of the Koran.

  37. The Lord Jesus Christ said: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled” (i.e., they will receive this truth in its entirety, so that they will have no questions left).

  38. Perhaps not quite the answer, but I recently watched a monologue by a rather interesting Muslim woman and I want to share it with you.


    Translation difficulties have left millions of people hostage?

    Or are Muslim men so insignificant that they can only protect a woman from the world, and they themselves go to a big city to earn money and have everything that moves and does not move?

    In my opinion, like any other faith, Islam is a way to” muddle the brains ” so that a person stops thinking intelligently and looks for all excuses.

  39. I noticed an interesting thing – how delicately, carefully and politically correct the “experts” answer questions about Islam and the behavior of Muslims. Moreover, they try to quietly move out on the topic of criticism of Christianity (this is safer)

  40. This is the fear of self-reliance and self-sufficiency, a typical inferiority complex that manifests itself in chauvinism and xenophobia and is based on the identity politics of social groups in order to enslave them through ideology, traditionalization, customs, rituals and other archaisms.

  41. On the one hand, people simply defend the foundations of their life world from the attacks of others. They, for the most part, take it for granted and consider the reality in which they live the only correct one, accepting it entirely, without criticism, acting in accordance with what Bourdieu called “practical sense” (like this, why did we, with a salary of 30 thousand a month, take a loan of 2 million for a wedding? Are you a fool or something? A normal wedding should be!). In order to protect your life's peace in this way, you do not need to read the Koran, or, by the way, the Bible. Moreover, in traditional Christian denominations, the reading of Scripture by lay people was not encouraged, or even completely prohibited, and only Protestantism changed this trend.

    But there is also a remarkable concept of the British religious scholar Grace Davy, according to which religion in modern Europe becomes more a factor of self-identification, rather than, as in a traditional society, a way of life. She talks about such a thing as Vicarious Religion – this is when there is an active religious minority who, as it were, ” believes for us.” And we, roughly speaking, lie on the couch with the remote control from the TV in our hand and watch whether these people believe “correctly” or”incorrectly”. And if they offend our “religious feelings” in any way, we strongly condemn them for it.

    This, of course, is more about the perception of religion by residents of the post-industrial West. But secularization is increasingly becoming a reality everywhere.

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