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  1. And where do we have the love of God?)))
    god has a list of rules ( or more precisely, from his prophet, which is not the same thing) where the uncle explains to us quite harshly-either you do as I said and live well, or you do as you see fit and you're fucked.

    You know, this is called terarism, not love.

    There, too, they put a revolver to the temple and say-do what is said or it will be worse.
    People are usually very angry about this.
    But in religion, for some reason, everyone is happy.
    oh.how great! someone else's uncle will decide where my soul will be after death!

    You know, apparently, in the soul of a person the right of the strong is laid down. we simply want to obey.

    therefore, we approve of the very concept of religion, where there is an uncle who decides how we will live.

  2. And why do so many people, basking in my love for them, also pretend that they don't know me when they pass by? What is the reason? Could it be that they really don't know me?

  3. That's what I don't understand. The only conclusion is that not everyone is aware that they are basking in his love. Not everyone is in a sufficiently conscious state, simply put, asleep or in a state of awakening. This is when the delusions and hallucinations of the sleeping mind.

  4. If we” bathe in the love of God, ” then we are free to believe, think, and do whatever we want. We are not limited by anything. Freedom of choice is the main thing that we are given, and to interfere with this freedom is to go against God.

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