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    the intuition of people is a great gift of Nature, which must be skillfully used –

    and this Gift of Nature confidently says that ” life is a multi-part film.”

    The general definition of life is the information-chemical process of storing, transmitting, and processing information.

  2. In the belly of a pregnant woman, two babies are talking, one is a believer, the other is not.

    • Do you believe in life after childbirth?
    • Yes, of course. Everyone understands that life after childbirth exists. We are here to become strong enough and ready for what comes next.
    • This is nonsense! There can be no life after childbirth! Can you imagine what such a life might look like?
    • I do not know all the details, but I believe that there will be more light, and that we may be able to walk and eat with our own mouths.
    • What nonsense! It's impossible to walk and eat with your mouth! This is totally ridiculous! We have an umbilical cord that feeds us. You know, I want to tell you: it is impossible that there is life after childbirth, because our life-the umbilical cord-is already too short.
    • I'm sure it's possible. It's just going to be a little different. You can imagine that.
    • But no one has ever returned from there before! Life just ends with childbirth. And in general, life is one big suffering in the dark.
    • No, I don't think so. I don't know exactly what our life will look like after giving birth, but in any case, we will see our mother and she will take care of us.
    • My mother? Do you believe in your mother? And where is it located?
    • It is everywhere around us, we are in it, and thanks to it we move and live, without it we simply cannot exist.
    • Complete nonsense! I haven't seen any mom, so it's obvious that she's just not there.
    • I can't agree with you. After all, sometimes, when everything is quiet around you, you can hear her singing, and feel how she strokes our world. I firmly believe that our real life will only begin after giving birth.

    Do you believe it?

  3. A table lamp that was lit, how could it know that it could give light? And is it able to know if it will turn on the light again after it is turned off? In any closed organization, whether it is an army or a Masonic lodge, new adherents are accepted through symbolic death. What do they do with a conscript? They cut their hair bald, and then wash it in the bath. Does it remind you of anything?;)

  4. Why so. For example, the Mormon religion believes that the soul of a person lived forever before his birth. And only if she deserves it, she is given a chance to be born in the form of a corporeal person. And after death, the soul goes to different places depending on merit. A similar religion among Hindus is reincarnation-the eternal rebirth of souls.

  5. Usually, those who believe in then also believe in before.

    But, correctly, their belief is stupid, because, taking into account the infinity before, even now it would be the norm to Feel, consciousness, and See the connection of times, and in general a person would be with other abilities.

    In this sense, for sure, one who believes in both incarnation and resurrection is the SELF – DECEPTION of a NON-Living person.

    But there is also a possibility and a TASK to Live Forever, as it was, and this is not a question of faith, but a question of Knowledge and Action.

    It is necessary to make a choice to reconsider the truth of THIS life (family, reproduction, MH relationships, pragmatics, religiosity, science, esotericism…) and start Living.

    If you start Living NOW, you will live Forever, until you make a mistake AGAIN…like “Adam”.

  6. They just don't remember what they had before they were born.Before the incarnation of the spirit, the memory of the spirit is blocked and the person begins to live as if from a clean slate.In exceptional cases,under the influence of certain factors, the memory of the spirit can be partially unlocked and the person remembers individual passages from their past lives.And people believe in life after death, because our ” I ” does not agree that it will no longer be.

  7. And faith is not about logic and arguments at all.

    more than one religion as a whole has failed to provide logical arguments for why it is right or why others are wrong, or why God or gods do just that.

    And then, people are just afraid to die, so they believe that there is something after death.

    They want it, so they believe it.

  8. First of all, not everyone thinks so. Personally, I believe that the immortal soul of a person is immortal because it lives not one, but thousands of lives, constantly learning and improving in its physical lives, and not only on earth.

  9. Here they talk about the soul, etc. I will tell you how it is described in Islam.

    Every person in the body has a black box like on a plane. This is a DNA-type black box that stores all information about a person, but this black box cannot be destroyed. It is located in the coccyx.

    When a person dies, their black box remains on the ground. They cannot be destroyed, even if you throw them into the mouth of a volcano – it will not die there, but will remain. That is, the black boxes of all people who lived on earth are now lying on the ground.

    When the end of the world comes, all the black boxes of all living people will be collected by angels in one place. Then all the people who lived will be restored from these black boxes, and they will see angels. Then the trial will begin.

    That is, there is no such thing that the soul flies out, flies to heaven, looks from heaven as others live, etc.

    The person died, and remains in this state until the Day of Judgment. On the Day of Judgment, they will all be resurrected at the same time.

    Then they will bring the angel of death and kill him. Which will mean that no one else will ever die.

    Next… this is probably another topic.

    P.S. I will add on the topic. If a person does not remember anything, it does not mean that nothing happened. Dr. Zakir Naik says, but I have not yet reached this surah, so in his words: God, before sending each person to earth, asks him if he is ready to pass the test. If a person agrees, only then sends. I.e., all of us who were born agreed to pass the test of earthly life. Only we don't remember anything. What a challenge it would be if we all remembered and knew. We will remember only after our earthly life.

    Therefore, it is debatable to say that there was nothing before birth. We can say that we do not remember anything from what happened before birth, then it will be indisputable.

  10. A question from the subconscious? But consciousness has made its own adjustments and as always now it sounds different. Let's imagine that reincarnation exists and consciousness (conditionally, but not really, of course) moves from body to body, from life to life, from world to world, from reality to reality. And finally, in the next incarnation, your consciousness is born in the body of a highly developed being and lives its life at high levels of awareness. These beings have already grasped the essence of things and can control time through consciousness. At one point, the collective intelligence of these beings pushes their individual forms to solve the problem that bothers them. Then these beings begin to explore time and go back to the very beginning to find out where it all began, to find out their origin. And what do they see? They see that there is nothing there. Nothing and no one. And they couldn't have happened, couldn't have been born, because they didn't exist. Yes, this is very confusing for them. To an extreme degree. At the level of collective consciousness, which puts pressure on the consciousness of individuals. It cannot be so from the standpoint of reason, but they see that it is so. The mind has already known this and changed its state, it cannot return to the previous position of “not knowing”, it cannot forget and continue to exist “as it was”, no, it is no longer possible for it. There is no turning back, only going forward or ending your existence because it is not possible. How can I solve the problem? So think further for yourself.

  11. Many schools of thought teach that there is an otherworld, reincarnation, or hell and heaven. But the Bible clearly and simply answers this question.

    Now all people are in a mortal state because of sin. Romans 6: 7 says, “For he who dies is freed from sin.” That is, death is the wages of sin ( Romans 6: 23). So there is no hell! Jesus Christ will raise up all who have died: “Do not be surprised at this, for the hour is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear the voice of the son of God and come out: he who has done good, for the resurrection of life,and he who has done evil, for the resurrection of condemnation.” ( John 5: 28,29)

    There was once a paradise of Eden on earth. The well-known Euphrates River flowed there. And the future paradise will also be on earth, cleansed by Jesus of all evil.

    The second part of your question reminded me of what my little grandson said when he saw his parents ' wedding photo:” Where am I?” Didn't you take me to your party?” They explained it to him,but he didn't understand that it wasn't there yet.

    It seems that at a certain age everyone knows that before they were born, life was already in full swing-parents, relatives, land, animals, etc.

    (perhaps the question is deeper than I understood and answered.)

  12. All human souls were created at the creation of the world. They are eternal and immortal. Therefore, they were before birth, and will be after death. Life on Earth is valuable because only here can the soul gain invaluable experience in improving the embodied world

  13. 1. I do not know how anyone, but I remembered some pictures from the past life of some other person in the first two years from his birth, either an ancestor or accidentally from the left thought forms zabpisalis on the subcortex. Then gradually the pictures were erased and only the memory of them remained.

    1. The caterpillars do not know that some of them will become butterflies….. although not forever. Some of the caterpillars will not become butterflies ” trousers “- “sins” will not be removed… They die like worms.
    2. Vanga and some other people with heightened perception communicated with those who left. Vanga believed in God, but she was very afraid of death, although she knew that this was not the end of the ends…

    I was afraid because I didn't know where it would end up later.

    1. Matter is dual-thoughts are the wave component. Tesla was tapping into the source of knowledge.
    2. Current religions and philosophical and atheistic systems are very simplified models of objective reality… sometimes giving a decent margin of error. The current ideas of the most advanced thinkers about the supreme can be compared with the idea of an ant about a person … And so there are far more white spots than you can imagine. What will happen then for some of the advanced mozgoyuzov in the full sense of the word life can probably not be called, but also complete death, too.
  14. Why wasn't it? God separates the incarnation-soul, let's say in a flower, then the soul is reincarnated many times and let's say it becomes an animal, then a pet. So after thousands of years, it can reincarnate into a person. Then it can become an animal again. All our troubles are caused by people's ignorance. It's a shame to ask such questions in the 2021 century, and it's a shame to answer them already.

  15. Because it's easier to live that way, because you know that after death you will get another new life. Not everyone is able to live knowing that you will disappear forever, without any return-this is scary.

  16. So this should confuse you. Here, the logical contradiction is on your side.

    If I wasn't there before I was born, and then I became, then why can't I reappear from exactly the same situation as before I was born, when I'm not there?

  17. First of all, we must admit that there is a Mind in the Universe that is more developed in the sense of having more information about its structure, the possibility of using energy, etc., etc. Somewhere in the Universe, Life was born 500 million years earlier, which went through all stages of its development and, having learned the Laws and mastered Energy, expanded the area of its activity, Perhaps Life on Earth was not born without the help of this Mind, becoming a testing ground for its own purposes. After the appearance of intelligent inhabitants ( people) on Earth, it became necessary to direct their development in the right direction, and for this reason, in different places on Earth, the Law of Human Behavior during Life appeared, i.e. several types of Religions were formed that allow people to learn and accept these Laws. Why did several types of Religions form? Perhaps again in the form of testing the effectiveness of the impact of various types of information content on human existence. Now about the birth and death of a person. How a man and a woman meet, whose hand guides their path, whose name is Fate? Following the saying that marriages are made in heaven, then yes, but is it always? Again, they say that nothing happens by chance in life, so this is the Truth! A person can change the circumstances by the power of his will, but this is probably prescribed by his Fate. A person was born, what can affect his life? First of all, the genetic memory of his ancestors, both physical and spiritual condition, including the sins committed during their lifetime and righteous works. They say that a person is responsible for the sins of his ancestors and there are many examples of this, so this is the same Truth. Here is the answer to the question: that there was nothing before the birth of a person, it turns out that even before the birth of a child, his path was paved by his ancestors. There is information that a person lives on Earth for seven lifetimes. After each death, his information shell (Soul ) is processed by the “office” of the Mind and if a person has sinned during this life, his Soul is sent to Hell for purification, if he lived a righteous way, then his information shell, having thoroughly cleansed for perfection, was instilled into a new Life, but even there there is a marriage, not all information is erased, there are cases when a person remembers episodes of his past life. When the information shell ( Soul) reaches a certain information content, it is moved to another place, closer to the center of the Mind, where it passes the next stage of its development. I apologize to the faithful for hurting their feelings with my fontasia.

  18. In Hinduism, the soul cannot remember previous incarnations until it reaches the level of a saint. �And these saints… they say they remember. �Everything is logical. �And does not prove or refute anything.

    In monotheism, on our Earth, we are living our first incarnation. A second earth incarnation is not expected until the Last Judgment, at least. But we don't see Hell and Heaven.� Again , everything is fine. By the way, the Greeks and Vikings all looked about the same in this sense.

  19. And where is the logic in this reasoning? Try, for example, saying the following: “why do people believe that something will change for the better in the future, if in the past nothing has changed in general?” Here is this “logic” from the same opera. How does the fact that a given person once did not exist at all mean that in the future he will necessarily cease to exist? No way. And even if in the future this person will certainly cease to exist (assuming that everything that has arisen once will necessarily disappear without a trace, although this is not empirically confirmed in any way), then how does it follow that he ceases to exist after his death? After death, we can only say with certainty that his consciousness (as the totality of impressions, perceptions, ideas stored by the brain, etc.) ceases to exist on earth as a result of brain death. From this we can logically draw the following conclusions::

    1. Consciousness is produced by the brain and exists only because of the brain, so when the brain dies, it will cease to exist. (materialism, naturalism)

    2. Consciousness arises together with the brain and exists in parallel with the brain, they affect each other, so with the death of the brain, it can either cease to exist or begin to exist on a fundamentally different medium. (theory of psychophysical parallelism, idealism, pantheism)

    3. Consciousness generally precedes the formation of the brain and only manifests itself in the earthly life of a person through the structures of the brain (limited to the brain). Therefore, after death, consciousness begins to exist in a form independent of the brain. (monotheism, polytheism)

    I emphasize that all three conclusions do not depend on the fact of death of the body, but on how we perceive consciousness, that it is for us – 1) a product of brain activity, 2) a parallel and interdependent structure, along with the brain, 3) Precedes the formation of the brain, causes it and limits its external manifestation through it. There are arguments in favor of the first, second and third theories. Most scientists now hold views 1 and 2. View 2 does not exclude theism, by the way, although view 3 is typical for theists).

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