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  1. Because as long as a person does not provide for their primary needs-food, warmth, safety, shelter-everything else does not concern them. Few people manage to meet their primary needs with small means, so that it seems that they put spirituality first. The majority, however, follow the path of least resistance, and reduce their lives to the acquisition of great material benefits, without caring about spiritual and intellectual development. That's why people are different, because they stop at different stages of personality development. But there is a caveat-it is extremely difficult to help another person without having a stable material base, and many still understand that having one is an integral part of spiritual development, because isn't charity a highly spiritual act ?

  2. Because it's harder to get it. The spiritually rich now at every turn, wherever you spit, you will find yourself in someone's rich inner world. You sit there, read books, think things over, and enrich yourself. And it is difficult to work to produce material goods. And in restaurants, they don't serve you for smart thoughts.

  3. Very simple. A person is primarily a DOER. And where does it operate?

    In society, in the material world. In the material world, the results are clear.

    The most interesting thing is that you can't be rich if your activity is not needed by the broad masses – society.

    Thieves and crooks don't count.

    And the so-called wealth of the spirit and inner world, the inner invisible category. Unverifiable.

    And the most interesting thing is, what is the use of it for the general public?=))

  4. This is the nature of the conditioned soul.

    We are a soul-a part of God (pure Spirit). However, when we enter the material world, our material senses become attracted to material objects. The eyes want to see beauty, the ears want to hear pleasant sounds, the tongue wants to feel delicious foods, etc. A person is conditioned by all these charms, and can no longer imagine himself without them. In addition, the nature of feelings is such that it is impossible to satisfy them, no matter how much we enjoy ourselves, there will always be little. But in reality, the Soul has nothing to do with matter. Therefore, the task of any religion is to limit our feelings(our lust), only then can a person think about the spiritual. Therefore, all those who are rich in Soul lead a renounced way of life, in the sense that they are not attached to the benefits of this world. Such a person does not care whether he sleeps on the bed or on the floor, in other words, he controls his feelings.

    Hence the answer is this. To be concerned with the highest values (Soul, inner world), you need to learn to control your feelings, and this is not easy.

  5. worries, as a rule, and that and that. The difference is that the material can literally be felt. But the inner world can not be felt, and the wealth of the inner world is difficult to earn, but it is even more difficult to show the world. Whether it's a matter of driving an expensive car (you can immediately understand how much this miracle costs), or writing poems that will be appreciated (or not appreciated) only by descendants. People want it here and now.

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