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  1. Apparently, from the fact that it is represented in some potential way in a person or, say, necessarily expresses his essence and nature. According to the Dutch philosopher Spinoza, ” … but nevertheless we feel and are inwardly aware that we are eternal.”

  2. Because they abandoned the religion that gave the answer to the question of what will happen after death. In the absence of religion, it turns out that after death there will be nothing. And this does not suit many people. I mean those who do not know how to enjoy the process of life itself, but all the time they are waiting for some happy future in which they can finally enjoy it. They've given up on religion. But the desire to end up in paradise did not disappear from them. It's just that they are now waiting for heaven directly on earth. And they are very afraid that this wait may be delayed. They may not live to see it. And here immortality would help a lot.

  3. In my opinion, one of the reasons to want to live forever is the desire to try everything in this life. In a short human life, you can hardly do a lot of cool things, so people want to be immortal. The infinity of the allotted time is the infinity of the potential for its application.

  4. not all people strive for immortality, for example, the Marquis de Sade said that the idea that there is nothing after death gives me great comfort. But those who strive for immortality most likely do it because they like life, at least some of its manifestations, and they would like to experience them forever. This is especially felt in childhood, when children in their souls are even less pure and experience a period of innocence – their perception is honed and more pure. They are happy to live under the wings of their parents, without any special worries in their children's games, imaginations, in life like in a fairy tale, etc. And then they cry themselves to sleep about the fact that when they have to die and happiness on earth will be without me, the boys will play football, and I will not be-how sad it is.. Eternal life is desired because of the love of life.

  5. People strive for immortality mostly because they are afraid of old age. They are afraid of the suffering associated with it: sores that accumulate year after year and are not completely treated, and other “nishtyakov” such as a midlife crisis, unfulfilled hopes… when there are fewer and fewer relatives and friends around, when your head starts to work worse, when you no longer want anything from life and wait for the end of your days… Well, death itself, of course, is perceived as a very painful and unpleasant process.
    Too long a life can also bore a person, get bored, because each person has his own problems that overcome him every day, besides, you can not achieve happiness as a kind of long-term state, it is fleeting and fleeting)

    People probably want eternal youth, not immortality. For immortality is when you live to be 100 years old, and you, for example, painlessly replace a diseased organ, for example, the heart… somehow they clean up the body, treat you so that you don't die. And then another problematic organ, if it can potentially cause an early death. Life isn't a fairy tale, but there's no death, is there? The goal, it turns out, has been achieved. And judging by the way medicine is developing these days, immortality in this form will soon be available to many. Maybe. But is this really the immortality that many people want? No.

  6. The reasons to strive for immortality are different and each has its own. But, in my opinion, there are 2 reasons: interest in the unknown and fear of death.�

    Indeed, Immortality, as well as longevity, opens up enticing prospects:�

    • The opportunity to observe social, technological, and economic changes in society
    • An opportunity to see what the world of the future will actually look like
    • Possibility of interstellar colonization
    • and much more
      Nature created the human body with an expiration date, and therefore, in the pursuit of immortality, it is important not to lose humanity
  7. because they're stupid.. Death is humanity's greatest gift. This does not mean that you need to kill yourself urgently. The wise will understand.. the stupid ones will get flustered

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