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  1. Believers are people who have chosen a spiritual path in their life. And the spiritual path is always a process, a process of knowing God. And since God is unlimited , the process of knowing him is also unlimited, but unlike the materialistic path, the process of the spiritual path itself brings spiritual happiness. The importance of questions answered by religion is as great as possible, since nothing can be more important than the soul and God. However, the understanding of this importance occurs gradually as the individual moves along the spiritual path, and this path, as we understand it, is endless. Therefore, it is not possible to fully understand the importance, but it is important to try, and this is the spiritual path.

  2. Chet, I think he's a believer like a lover. That is, an absolutely deaf and blind person. In such a person, the flame of love burns, which burns away all obvious inconsistencies, shortcomings and / or contradictions, searching for its own truth. Its charm.

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