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  1. Well, let's open the Bible, the very first book, the very first chapter. And let's see what the Bible says about the process of the creation of the universe, our planet and life on it.
    Day 1. God created the heavens and the earth. The ground was empty, completely covered with water.
    That is, there are no stars or gas clouds yet, and the Earth bang-and appeared, and immediately with water, which in fact could not have happened.

    Day 2. Separated the light from the darkness.
    Only for now it is again some kind of abstract light, since the luminaries and stars will be there later.
    Separated the water under the ” firmament “from the water above the”firmament”.
    This is generally the most mystical part, since the sky was created last day, and here the sky is called water, which is simply separated by a firmament.

    Day 3. Created land and seas. Planted the Land with all sorts of vegetation.
    Again-the scientific picture tells us that the Earth was originally waterless, and water arrived on the planet on comets and asteroids. However, the biggest school here is different – there could not have been any life on Earth before the Sun appeared. The planet itself could not exist, but certainly plants, which absolutely need a large amount of light and heat for life, and even more so.

    Day 4. Created the Sun, Moon and stars.
    Well, we can forgive the fact that the Moon is called a luminary, in fact, this piece of regalite can only reflect sunlight, as we all know. But here is the fact that the Sun was created after the creation of the Earth and life on it… this is a joint.

    Day 5.
    He created animals and other creatures of the earth.
    No comments here.. I don't want to repeat myself.

    Day 6.
    Created a person.

    At this point, the discussion about the scientific nature of the Bible can be considered over.

  2. The Bible is the WORD of GOD, written down through his prophets, who received instructions from God with the help of God's spirit! People from different spiritual armies, both from the army of religion and from the army of science, are constantly fighting against the Bible, just as they once fought against Jesus Christ and his disciples! Because people are hostages of the spiritual or informational food that their teachers have fed them, and they can only know what these teachers have taught them. Between religion and science, which used to get along relatively peacefully under one roof. (Monastery means “place of stargazing”) there is an irreconcilable war for power over the minds of people and the ability to control them for their own selfish purposes. The Bible is only a tool for both sides in this war.�

    The Bible has been associated with religion in the minds of people for thousands of years and is therefore wrongly considered a religious book, although it cannot be attributed to either Judaism or Christianity, unless it is divided into two separate parts or even more parts. However, religious teachers are also willing to distort the Bible for their own selfish purposes of managing their flock. They simply appropriated the Bible, unlike the scientists, and made it an instrument of their deception.�

    And since every war begins with deception, ideologues have also appeared among scientists who, since the time of the freethinker Voltaire, began to defame the Bible, claiming that it contains a lot of untruth, that it is a book of fairy tales of Jewish shepherds, a book of myths that allegedly contradicts the facts revealed by scientists. It is not surprising that in this war between religion and science, there are warring armies raised by the teachers of one side or the other.And according to the laws of any army, even a spiritual one, every soldier must believe his commanders, even if they are blind leaders of the blind!�

    Therefore, as long as there are lies and deceptions directed against the Bible, there will also be people who, both from the army of science and from the army of religion, will fight against the Bible, distorting it for their own benefit or attributing to it an alien meaning, inaccuracies, errors or contradictions.

  3. Rather, it is not science that contradicts the Bible ( I do not know any science that aims to review and compromise the Bible, if only atheism), but a straightforward, illiterate interpretation of some Biblical truths contradicts the data of science. In the Bible, most texts are written either in Aesopian language, or were written mechanically, without understanding the meaning, as it should be according to the canons of faith – to accept every word without doubt, and this served as an argument for the opponents of the Bible.

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