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  1. At a certain level, this is true. You can also call us multicellular organisms, or carbon-based life forms – this is also true. Those who call themselves animals do not want to look at the question at the higher levels-psychological, intellectual, emotional, spiritual-where the differences begin.

  2. Because man is an animal of the order of primates and the suborder of monkeys.
    Man is first of all an animal, then an ape, and only then a reasonable person. Therefore, it is normal and natural for a person to consider himself not only an animal, but also a monkey.

    Another question is why some people separate themselves from animals, and in particular monkeys, and do not consider themselves animals. Considering that official science and biology refer to humans as animals of the order of primates and suborder of monkeys. This is a question for philosophical reflection.
    I believe that having self-awareness and intelligence, a person identifies himself as a person and separates himself from animals and monkeys, despite the scientific facts.

  3. Interestingly, unlike animals, we have a mind. We will never see, for example, a bear that walks around its den and reflects on life with a thoughtful look) People have always been interested in the meaning of life, how we came to be, why accidents happen, and so on.

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