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    1. Psychology. It is explained by personal characteristics.

    2. A pragmatic approach. It is explained by personal development. An interesting and developing person always has a queue of things that you want to spend time on. And it is always difficult to find people who are close in spirit, spirit, and way of thinking.

  1. I can explain this by watching movies in a movie theater.

    I always go to the cinema alone, even when I can go out with friends.

    This is because if you watch a movie with others, they may start laughing at unfunny moments or try to whisper to you or even rustle popcorn.

    Because of this, you watch the film superficially, you can't get involved in it, you can't fully feel its atmosphere.

    (The same applies to girls, you watch a movie and they climb up to you to kiss)

    The same goes for solitude, you want to stay with your thoughts, and not listen to stupid rolls or superficial nonsense.

    As one person with an exorbitant level of ESP said: if I want to talk to a genius, I talk to myself.

    P.S. But there is a second opinion and it is related to psychology. The fact is that according to the characteristics of Rainin, people can be divided into questims and delactims. So, questims are people who like to listen more and are interested in hearing a person's opinion about something. That's why such people can't understand how you can not communicate with anyone and constantly be in solitude (they call it loneliness).

  2. Some people think. �With your head. And they don't like it when they are often led astray.

    Some people read a lot. And this activity is also “not friendly” with frequent interference, “loves silence”.

    In general, contacts “in real life” are selected… from what is available. Выходит A sort of “elite rabble” comes out, a select rabble. Гиб Flexibly form and re-form your social circle conveniently online. Ну Well… relatively convenient.

    And even here-few of us invest in this business due effort. �We all have more important things to do. Стать Become a member of privileged social circles, become influential in some of their own… But in fact, in terms of communication , there is nothing more important than forming a convenient and pleasant circle of like-minded people…

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