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  1. And in which of the modern religions can metaphysics be fully expressed in words? In the Abrahamic religions, the divine plan stands in the same place in the same posture. Because if you declare something knowable, you open yourself up to criticism, and the historical path of development of religions, on the contrary, is to avoid criticism. Religious statements cannot be verified, because then they can be verified.

    But this is not a bad thing. Morality and the meaning of life cannot be justified, they can only be postulated. Trying to justify these things leads to a regression to infinity – if we say that killing is bad because X, we will have to say why X is bad, and so on ad infinitum, one day we will get tired and have to say “killing is bad because it is bad”. Religions do what they are meant to do in the way they do it (although I have enough existentialism for the same purpose). Well, as a bonus – maybe one of them is right, but this is inaccurate.

  2. Interesting question. One Christian writer of the Ancient Church said: “God begins where our ideas end.” This can be applied to the tao and the void.

  3. Because tao and nirvana are names for the true nature of reality.

    Imagine a room with ten bald people sitting in it. Baldness is their reality. You walk into this room and ask, ” What is a bald spot?” If they start telling you something, they will either lie or not give you any information. For example, some of them will say that a bald spot is when there is no hair. But then the question arises: what is hair? None of them will be able to show their hair because they are all bald. Or someone will say: a bald spot is what happens after you cut your hair. But no one will be able to show you how to cut your hair, because everyone is bald. Therefore, the only solution for them is to simply show a bald spot and say: “here it is-a bald spot, look.” This is why Taoism and Buddhism practice observing reality. In another way, they also say: “direct experience of reality as it is, without distortion.”

  4. The dao is too big to fit in words 🙂
    And Nirvana is too mysterious for that 🙂

    Well, if a little more serious… then it doesn't work out here a little more seriously. Tao is a philosophical construct; as the author came up with it, so it stretches. And nirvana has never been seen by anyone alive, not even from afar. Therefore, it is impossible to answer this question seriously.

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