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  1. These aren't the resurrected, of course – they're a substance that we know even less about than dark matter.

    But unlike the previous responder, I would treat such meetings with caution. After all, it is not known why the soul still rummages among the living, what it has forgotten here and what its unfinished goals are.�

    But, as you know, in the dreams of relatives and friends, the dead feel at home. But here anyone can start arguing-they say that it wasn't the dead man who came, but we imagined him for ourselves. Well, well.

  2. This phenomenon is called ADC (After Death Contact) and it is very common.

    Those whom you call “dead” – they are more alive than you and me.

    Where people go after what is commonly called “death” – there is our HOME, there is much more life than here. People there continue to live in bodies – dense and warm, which look exactly the same.

    There are no” survivors ” – there are no religions on the Other Side at all. There is neither Hell nor Heaven. But it's very nice there.

    Our relatives and loved ones are waiting for us there, if they left before us.

  3. The dead belong to the 2nd world , sometimes they can return at some point to take revenge on the enemy, warn them, or finish something. The dead belong to the mystical category and it is better to be wary of such meetings, there are fortune tellers, etc.

  4. Yes, and some people say that they see ghosts, devils and barabashek. In most cases, these people are either charlatans, have serious mental health problems, or are unscrupulous media personalities and journalists.

    Of course, there are cases when one person sees another who was supposed to be dead, but who actually turned out to be alive. Or, let's say, different, but very much like the one who was dead. And then the witness begins to think that he saw a dead man. The adequacy of such an eyewitness is a topic for a separate conversation.

    But most often this is the first category.

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