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  1. The essence of human existence is not so mysterious and intricate.

    Some may lead an empty existence without caring about anything – just exist, while others 50% of people put up barriers and overcome them.

    It is easy to say that we can't do something, it is also easy to talk about something from the outside, but we must not forget about the purpose of existence-everyone must achieve something with sweat and blood, in other words-you can not live in vain.

    I am sure that many great people, whose names we meet every day in the names of streets, parks, boulevards, metro stations, have asked this question.

    In this matter, neither the opinions of scientists nor the opinions of believers are enough for us. I want to add a little bit about the failed theories of our origin: Darwin is fading into the background – we are not animals. After all, the goals of animals are quite simple and clear-eat and sleep. Man is the only mammal that asks the question: “Why are we here?”

    And yet, even for a professor, the difficult question remains: “Who are we and why do we live?”.

    It is generally accepted that the meaning of life is to leave something behind – it can be a discovery, an experience, any activity that has moved humanity one step forward.

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  1. Каждый человек должен выполнить определенную задачу на Земле. У каждого она строго своя. Как же узнать свое предназначение в этой жизни? – читайте другие мои ответы на подобные вопросы!

  2. Мы живем, чтобы жить и радоваться жизни, получать от нее удовольствие:) А вот радость у каждого своя: семья/дети, интересная и любимая работа и/или учеба, увлечения, проводить время с друзьями, делать людям и/или братьям нашим меньшим добро и многое-многое другое (попробуйте сами дополнить список:), а может и все вместе!

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