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  1. What will change if you clarify the meaning of the words “benefit”, “society”, “practice”,” science”,”philosophy”? The whole world can turn upside down for you. You may find the question itself completely useless. You may find harmful what you previously considered useful, and useful what you previously considered harmful.

  2. Philosophy can and should provide much more useful scientific, practical and methodological (intersubject) Knowledge.

    Today, philosophy is a low-value discipline, which gradually turned from the main science (at the beginning of its life) into the most backward science (at the end of its life).

  3. Philosophy is not a science now. Once it was the “queen of sciences”, combining all the then known knowledge of nature and logic. But time passed, and from it different branches of knowledge were separated into separate sciences.

    And at present, philosophy has virtually no territory of its own left. Long ago, natural sciences left it, later – social sciences, logic left it…. And today's philosophers can only either engage in unnecessary verbiage, or actually get involved in some specific area.

    A well-known physicist, Feynman wrote in the last century that philosophers trample on the sidelines of science, grab scientists by the sleeves, trying to say something, but in reality they simply do not understand science.

    I myself am a professional scientist and I have never felt any benefit from the philosophy that was given to me at the university in the USSR. I already understood then that philosophy is the way philosophers exist. 🙂

  4. The whole problem and inconsistency of philosophy is that this discipline considers abstract concepts outside of their connection with real life.

    For example, what came first – ” egg or chicken?”. This is a philosophical question. But what practical sense is there in it, if we have determined the origin of mammals with the help of anthropology and today we use farm products – chicken meat and chicken eggs?

    Or the question of which property is more correct-false or true? Without a specific context, this is just chatter and talk “about nothing”.

    Therefore, philosophy, in its current form, is losing its adherents, because today people have different requests: how to live happily and not experience suffering?

    This is already the field of practical psychology. Specific, accurate, scientific, and cross-verifiable in practice.

  5. To begin with, philosophy is not a science.
    Philosophy does not have to answer any questions, it does not exist for this purpose.
    And as Yuri already wrote, first clarify the meaning of the words “practical, utility, society, science, philosophy” and you will understand how much your question is meaningless.

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