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  1. well, on the topic of speed stupidity, of course. motorcycles can only compete in acceleration, but not in speed. In general, the question is rhetorical. I think that the roots of many go back to childhood, where the image of a biker romanticized to the limit was dreamed of by many. that's how some generations come to replace others. although you can think of at least three other reasons.
    1. They are compact, and this swings in the traffic jams of megacities.
    2. they are economical.
    3. they are “passable”, this is already relevant for villages. you can always drag it by hand through the forest between the trees. yes, and where the stuck car is only a tractor, you can try to pull the bike (and very likely successfully) manually and look for another way.

  2. Because they are faster than cars, take up less space (and we have big problems with parking), and are cheaper, because they just like speed, adrenaline, and so on. In general, each for its own reasons

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