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  1. WRITERS know – what is interesting to readers – a real description of real life, with an abundance of imperfections, evil, and injustice. With these books, readers learn to correctly understand dangerous real life.

    Black writers go much further – they show all the negatives of life in excessive abundance – these books are sold with great success.

    We Need A New Type Of Writer…

  2. Because you wouldn't read a book where everything was fine, no problems, and everyone lived happily ever after. A conflict is required. That is, if not evil, then at least injustice.

  3. But who will read a book where there will not be any kind of trials for a person?. What can you write about love if there is no love triangle? Who will read about travel if travelers are not exposed to unexpected dangers? Will a book about a spy who analyzes and sorts papers on the table around the clock be interesting? This world captures the fact that at every moment there is a struggle between good and evil. In our minds, when we think about whether to tell our wife that we saw a wonderful beauty today. and so on ad infinitum.

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