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  1. The need to fight for freedom is due to the fact that people are not given anything in life just like that, in order to achieve something, some rights, to reach heights, the person himself must be active and ready to overcome obstacles, including fighting with the clogs himself, with his shortcomings

  2. Because by usurping some of the freedom of other animals, we satisfy our physiological needs (meat, milk, clothing in this case) – the first level of Maslow's pyramid of needs and partly – the need for security (dogs protect us, food security, from the cold) – the second level of Maslow's pyramid.

    But by usurping some of the freedom of others, we are not only meeting the needs of the first two levels of Maslow's pyramid. We also satisfy part of the need for belonging and love (real slaves-love their masters) – the third level and the need for respect, reverence – the fourth level.

    The temptation is great, but the person is weak. Classic.

    So, there will always be those who want to encroach on our freedom, just let me. So it turns out that you have to fight for freedom…

  3. Man is a social being. They say that the freedom of one person begins where the freedom of another ends. Every person is under the yoke of the public, so they need to fight to be free. Everyone wants to be such, but still someone will be dependent, so you have to fight for freedom.

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