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  1. Do you need a goal?) I live by inertia probably. used to.
    I somehow like to do this.

    I would certainly not give up on some goal that I would very much like to implement, but… it didn't capture it.

  2. I live in order to try to make the lives of people I love and respect (even if I know all of them personally and directly) safer and better, and to make the lives of my own and their descendants, and in general of all good members of human society, last forever. Only here is a regret: what can I do, so insignificant??
    Well, in words I try!
    ( But I am very weak, and I repent of it!).

  3. Specifically Me, this idiot? As simple as that. Previously, I was looking for the meaning of life, my own and all of humanity, an interesting, fascinating occupation, but useless and irresponsible. There were also invented goals and meanings, but not for the whole life as a whole, but for a certain period. And then I realized that the meaning of life is in its very fact. Once given, we need to spin. Refusing is disgusting, boring, and also pointless. If only you knew what you were trading for, and it was just stupid. How am I worse than others? So I try somehow. It's nice when you make people feel good. Very nice. Then you think-maybe this is the point? But there are very few opportunities in our dog life to help others. So at least not to create problems for others. Here I answer questions, try to do it honestly, using my life experience. Someone may benefit, someone just improves their mood. No need to focus on the global, it will be easier. In the end, very little depends on the person.

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