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  1. First of all, this is due to the fact that in many Islamic countries a woman cannot leave the house alone. In our country (even in ours, yet) this would be considered a humiliation of human dignity, but Muslim men are OK, and they do not ask women.

  2. In our country, there is a matriarchy, which is pedaled by society and advertising, as it is profitable for the economy to support the “wishlist” of women in every possible way. And in Islamic countries, the patriarchy. Read more about this in the book about.Novoselov “Woman-textbook for men”. The best book about relationships of the 21st century.

  3. In Arab countries, men support their wives, but in Russia, everyone survives as best they can. By the way, Arab women do not just have kilograms of gold and diamonds on them-when they divorce, they have every right to take everything they have on them at the moment.

  4. Because it's a lovely delusion. By the way, not every man in an Islamic country can afford the luxury of four wives. Some people can't even pull one.�

    Regarding marital fidelity: read the “Book of the Thousand and One Nights”, you will find there more than one story of a woman's adventures on the side. The fairy tale, of course , is a lie, but it contains indications of some realities.

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