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  1. “Why does a person do evil?” Your question deeply affected me and I began to reflect on the meaning of the word “evil”. In one reference book, I found a definition of what “evil” is: “Something that is very bad morally. This word often means something that has a harmful, bad or destructive influence.” If you look into the history of the emergence of mankind, you can trace-where did evil come from?

    God gave humanity PERFECTION, but people ignored the requirements of God and wanted to decide for themselves what is good and what is evil. Our first parent Adam was perfect, he allowed his heart to be tempted; he rejected the truth and turned away from God. People made their own choice . Therefore, all mankind, the descendants of the fallen Adam, were conceived in sin and born in iniquity .

    After the Flood, God said that sinful people “have an evil heart from their youth” (Bt 8: 21). And the wise King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 8:11 answers this question as follows:” The sentence for an evil deed is not quickly fulfilled, so the heart of a person gets used to doing evil.”

    Since God sets standards for good and evil, man needs to know them in order to understand which way to go. 1 Timothy 2: 3 : “For this is good and pleasing to our Saviour God, 4 who desires that all men should be saved and attain to the knowledge of the truth.” I wanted to share this information , maybe it will be useful to someone.

  2. By stupidity or at the behest of the forces of evil and the servants of evil. Doing evil increases a person's vulnerability to the forces of evil. In addition, it can dramatically affect the posthumous fate of the soul. So wise people don't do evil

  3. People don't really do evil. Every person is always motivated by good intentions. It's just that everyone's understanding of the good is different, and even in different situations it is different. Well, you think, for example, that putting a person in a cage is evil. To kill a man, all the more so. But that man stole your car, and that man slept with your wife – what do you want them to do? The first to sit down, the second to die? That is, you want to hurt these two, you think that they deserve it. Thus, by doing evil, a person believes that he is restoring justice, or even bringing good, or taking what is rightfully due to him, etc. Every “evil” has a “good” reason.

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